Whatever the severity or how old or new your musculoskeletal injury and pain, Global Health has a full range of services and practitioners to help you get relief and increase your wellbeing.



Remove musculoskeletal pain instantly (low back pain, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis) with this simple, harmless, injection based treatment. This can prevent you from surgery!

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It is a very gentle, non invasive muscle, joint, fascia, ligament, visceral (organs) release treatment used to correct imbalances and misalignment of the neuro (nerves) and musculoskeletal structure. The whole body is considered and treated as a “Unit’ with all parts working together as one entity. Blood flow is vital for the body to heal itself with its own healing power via the blood/lymph circulatory systems.

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Hocatt Ozone Spa Sauna

Besides all the other great health benefits this Ozone treatment has to offer, it will de-stress and relax the body,  improve sleep patterns and well being and boosts energy levels.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Does your Craniosacral System work properly? Get it functioning again and you will get fast relief from chronic muscular skeletal pain. Do not hesitate and endure it because you think that there is no solution. This treatment can prevent you from surgery.

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Are you sitting in the wrong position causing you hardened and tensed muscles? Massaging the area will free you from any lumps and tensions giving you a greater sense of wellbeing to perform better in what  you are doing. Also learn how to posture properly with Yoga in order to avoid future tension of muscles.

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This relatively painless treatment restores the energy balance in the body and stimulates its own healing process by triggering acupuncture points with needle insertion. Treatments include: osteoarthritis, sciatica, back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, weakness of the limbs.

(Fear of needles: alternative laser or acupressure treatment available)

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Pain Relief Classes

Easily learn to dramatically release muscle pain in many areas of your body. Also learn how and why to stretch and use massage balls on a regular basis as well as about inflammatory process and how to use ice for acute injury.

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A simple but powerful cutting edge technique that activates the body’s ability to heal on all levels. It combines many holistic healing techniques like tapping, neuroscience, biomedicine, and osteopathic and acupuncture theory. Get instant transformation and deep long lasting effects by combining mind, body and spirit and thus connecting to your true inner self. Relieving you from stress and anxiety.

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Encourages the body’s own healing processes, physically, mentally and emotionally. Massaging feet, hands and ears triggers pressure points that are connected through the whole body. Enhance your overall well being and relieve stress and anxiety.

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Manage your pain with the power of your own subconsciousness. Hypnosis is likely to decrease acute and chronic pain in most individuals.

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