Nutrition and Diet are linked to nearly all health conditions in some way and by changing dietary habits you can significantly improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life. Here at Global Health we offer a full range of services and practitioners that will help you to achieve your goals with programs tailored to your personal needs.



If you want to detox your body, lose weight, eat healthier, balance your hormones, manage your skin condition or any other goal you want to achieve:  Our onsite nutritionists will help formulate a nutrition plan  personalised to your needs, giving you guiding support and advice.

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Wellbeing Specialist   

Get to the root cause of your health problems and listen to your body’s symptoms instead of silencing them with medication. Our onsite Wellbeing Specialist will help you to create a suitable treatment plan tackling your diagnosis or health issue in a holistic way.

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Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis   

Discover which daily nutritional and environmental factors are impacting on your body’s cells through the Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening and Environmental analysis. The report provides detailed information that can guide you with changes to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle. We can find out what causes your allergies and find a suitable treatment program for you.

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Do you have problems sticking to a healthy diet or achieving your dietary goals? Hypnosis will reprogram subconscious programming. It will help you to break bad or unwanted habits and thus to reach your dietary /weight loss goals.

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Weight Loss Programs   

Changing dietary habits and eating healthy is the foundation for successful weight loss.  Our onsite nutritionists will help formulate a nutrition plan personalised to your needs, giving you guiding support and advice. We offer anything between fixed programs and loose guidelines, so that you can find a healthy diet easy to stick to.

4 Week Weight Loss Program          6 Week Weight Loss Program

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Thyroid Assessment   

Is your Thyroid producing not enough or too many hormones that will cause autoimmune disorders? This might be the reason why you don’t feel your best and struggle with the symptoms day by day. Take the assessment and we will find a treatment program for you.

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Adrenal Assessment

This assessment creates some clarity on the accumulation of stresses that may have impacted the adrenals.  We want to piece together as much information as possible, often from what may have seemed like completely unrelated symptoms, stresses and or life events but which may accumulate over time.
Get your adrenals funkitoning properly again.

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