Smoking is the most common form of drug use and has numerous negative health effects, which is not new. It is your choice to take that information seriously for yourself and take action. Do you want to get back in control over your health and live a happy and fulfilled life without that addiction? Here at Global Health we offer a full range of services and practitioners that will help you to stop this unwanted habit and get you to achieve the goals smoking has been holding you back from.



Reprogram subconscious programming with hypnosis. Let our Hypnotherapist help you to improve happiness and wellbeing in you life by resolving bad, unwanted habits. Stop the need to smoke and get the power to resist smoking for good.

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EFT Tapping       

EFT works quickly and safely to help you target exactly what’s bothering you. It releases all the associated tensions and conflicts so you feel calmer and clearer, so you find new insights, possibilities and solutions opening up. EFT aims for the roots of any problems so they don’t keep happening again and again.

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Get to the root cause of your health problems and listen to your body’s symptoms instead of silencing them with medication. Our onsite Naturopath will help you to create a suitable treatment plan tackling your diagnosis or health issue in a holistic way.

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Smoking often correlates with bad diets as well as nutrient deficiencies. Diet changes will improve brain functioning and mental clarity. Giving your brain nutritional power to resist smoking. Our onsite nutritionists will help formulate a nutrition plan personalised to your needs, giving you guiding support and advice.

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Are your relationships suffering under your smoking behaviour or are your surrounding peers the reason why you started? Our onsite practitioners can help with solving any relationship issue and better communication between the parties. Clear any conflict occurring from your addiction and get support from your loved ones.

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Hocatt Ozone Spa Sauna

Besides all the other great health benefits this Ozone treatment (Steam Sauna) has to offer, it will detoxify, destress and relax the body, improve mental clarity, improve sleep patterns and enhances sense of well being.

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A simple but powerful cutting edge technique that activates the body’s ability to heal on all levels. It combines many holistic healing techniques like tapping, neuroscience, biomedicine, and osteopathic and acupuncture theory. Get instant transformation and deep long lasting effects by combining mind, body and spirit and thus connecting to your true inner self. Relieving you from stress and anxiety.

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Encourages the body’s own healing processes, physically, mentally and emotionally. Massaging feet, hands and ears triggers pressure points that are connected through the whole body. Enhance your overall well being and relieve stress and anxiety.

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