This healing experience allows the client to quickly experience a deep therapeutic love, peace and joy.

The client is transported effortlessly into a state of grace, a deep field relaxation, where true healing naturally occurs.

Natural immunity is stimulated by production of healthy endocrine secretions. When unhealthy stress is relieved at a profound level effective therapeutic repair and natural restoration occurs.

The health benefits of mindfulness programs and meditation is well documented scientifically by top Universities including Harvard and used by medical clinics throughout the world. These special treatments our practitioner provides have a quantum biological effect on the client.

This experience of peace and love helps a client recognise the benefits of relaxation, stimulating some knowledge that this feeling can be replicated outside of the clinical environment.

Lifestyle decisions are at the heart of successful healthcare and promoting responsible client behaviour is pivotal to successful therapy. Our practitioner provides subtle stimulation for self responsibility by invoking a willingness to repeat the feeling experienced in the session through personal self care.


“Fifi gave my whole body a magical makeover with a two hour rheiki foot massage.  Her gentle and soothing manner settled me well and then progressed to pressure releasing of the shoddy body parts and related organ blockages., namely my lungs and liver.

I had been plagued with a deep set bronchial cough for two weeks, and a sluggish liver.

The results were incredible from the onset, resulting in total wellness within two days!!!!  She was able to seek out and heal the problem spots with total professional expertise and reassuring gently approach.  Yes there were “Ouch” moments, but so worth the healing response.”

Annie Stuart
Primary School Teacher


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