Whatever your breathing condition and its severity, Global Health offers a full range of services and practitioners to help you to improve this condition as well as your overall wellbeing.


Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

Discover which daily nutritional and environmental factors are impacting on your body’s cells through the Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening and Environmental analysis. The report provides detailed information that can guide you with changes to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle. We can find out what causes your respiratory condition and create a suitable treatment program for you.

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Get to the root cause of your health problems and listen to your body’s symptoms instead of silencing them with medication. Our onsite Naturopath will help you to create a suitable treatment plan tackling your diagnosis or health issue in a holistic way.

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Finding the trigger feeling before the Asthma attack,hypnosis will enable you to prevent it effectively in any envisioned situation.

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Hocatt Spa Ozone Sauna

Besides all the other great health benefits this Ozone treatment has to offer, it will detoxify, destress and relax the body, inactivate viruses, stimulate Immune System. It can treat some allergic conditions e.g. bronchial asthma and eczema.

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This relatively painless treatment restores the energy balance in the body and stimulates its own healing process by triggering acupuncture points with needle insertion. (Fear of needles: alternative laser or acupressure treatment available)

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A simple but powerful cutting edge technique that activates the body’s ability to heal on all levels. It combines many holistic healing techniques like tapping, neuroscience, biomedicine, and osteopathic and acupuncture theory. Get instant transformation and deep long lasting effects by combining mind, body and spirit and thus connecting to your true inner self. Relieving you from stress and anxiety.

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Encourages the body’s own healing processes, physically,mentally and emotionally. Massaging feet, hands and ears triggers pressure points that are connected through the whole body. Enhance your overall well being and relieve stress and anxiety.

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