Whatever your weight challenge, difficulty or body type, Global Health has a full range of Services and Practitioners to help you achieve your goals. We will support you on your journey to a healthier body that you feel great in.


Our onsite nutritionists will help formulate a nutrition plan personalised to your needs, giving you guiding support and advice. We offer anything between fixed programs and loose guidelines, so that you can find a healthy diet easy to stick to.
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Help reprogram subconscious programming, or to build  confidence in any body shape with hypnosis. It will help you to break bad or unwanted habits and thus to reach your weight loss goals. With Lifestyle Hypnosis based from our clinic there are a range of hypnotherapy weight loss options such as virtual gastric banding, stop emotional eating and healthier habits.
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Thyroid Assessment

Is your underactive Thyroid holding you back? This might be the reason why you struggle to lose weight. Take the assessment and we will find a treatment program for you.
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Full range of weight loss programs available with expert nutrition advice and support. All programs will be tailored to your individual needs so that you can follow it easily.
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Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

Discover which daily nutritional and environmental factors are impacting on your body’s cells through the Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening and Environmental analysis.
The report provides detailed information that can guide you with changes to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle.
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Hocatt Ozone Spa Sauna 

Besides all the other great health benefits this Ozone treatment has to offer, it can be a great way to exercise. Stimulating your muscles while you just sit and relax, it can let you burn up to 600 cal per session.
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