Dr Bruce Lipton, the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, gives us an insightful look into Holistic Health.


Hello I’m John Coombs from Global Health Clinics, I’ll give you a brief summary of Holistic Health Care, how integrated healthcare works and then introduce you to Bruce Lipton who will discuss the new science of quantum biology and the relevance of this for your health.

Holistic Health Care is based on principles of a highly intelligent universe and the human ecosystem is intrinsic to this intelligence. What we are trying to do is introduce you to a healthy lifestyle and to enhance your natural immunity. This will naturally take care of most of the diseases which may show up in a person’s life. People traditionally come to us with a disease profile. We will run a series of assessments and propose a personalized programme which covers mental, emotional and physical welfare. As mentioned we help build your natural immunity which in turn helps you on a path of recovery from your initial concern.

We also help people reach high levels of vitality and increase their longevity.

Dr Bruce Lipton PhD Medical Biologist and world renowned author and public speaker will give you an overview of the science behind Holistic Health at Global Health Clinics.

Hi John, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to your friends and your community about the science behind Holistic Health Care. I am so glad that you have given an understanding already and describe what holistic health care is, because I really want to talk about the scientific aspect of that health care and it’s simply: we are in a world of revolution regarding health and maintenance of our help and this revolution stems from the fact that there is a new science called epigenetic control. This is replacing the conventional belief that almost all of us have learned, which is referred to as genetic control, they almost sound the same.

Genetic control, the old story, is that at the moment of conception we receive a set of genes from our mothers and fathers, this set of these genes was selected and this becomes our life that the genes control not only our physical characteristics but genes apparently control our behavior and emotional characteristics as well.

So our conventional understanding is that we are essentially victims of our genetics. We didn’t pick the genes, we can’t change the genes, and they control who we are. And yet the last 10 years there is an evolution and I would prefer to call it a revolution because that’s how major it is. It will be changing the face of the health care and that is the revolution of the new science called Epigenetic control. Epi means above, so basically the new science is simply saying that when you say epigenetic control you are saying control above the genes. And why this is so relevant, is what is above the genes that are controlling us it turns out is our nervous system. And the significant is that the nervous system responds to stimuli of the world around us. And then the brain converts these stimuli into instructions that go back into our body and adjust our genes and adjust ourselves to respond to the environment in which we live. So in other words, genes do not fix traits upon us. These traits are selected by how we respond to the environment, and so it’s very important of course what you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the toxins that are in the field you live in.

All these other aspects of the environment are an affecting element in altering our genetics and our behavior. So, what really becomes important for us in the new science is simply this: is that epigenetics is a science of Mastery because it says that our life and our biology are really a reflection of our reaction to the environment.

So we must separate there are two kinds of reactions:

There is the physical reaction to the environment, for example the kind of things that we eat, our nutrition but we also have conscious interaction with the environment. Our beliefs and our attitudes and our emotions and the energy of our thoughts, and the energy of our world, and the energy of our body we have now found they are all comingled together.

Consequently we are not free independent pieces living in a world bouncing around. We are connected to everything around us and that is why the Holistic Health Care approach is so important for all of us to understand, because it says “how do I as a biological entity learn to fit and live in harmony in the world around me”?

So this is why a Holistic Health Care center which, looks at health from an environmental perspective of the physical and chemical energetic and conscious environment around us that influences who we are. Then the Holistic Health Care center is a place which can help us to create harmony and balance between ourselves and the environment in which we live; because with that harmony and balance comes great health and exuberance and life experiences.

So rather than waiting to get sick and going to a conventional allopathic approach, the new science says by balancing the environment we can stay healthy.

We don’t have to break down and fall apart, but we have to understand that there is maintenance involved and if we take care of maintenance then we can live very long healthy and happy lives.

In the world which we live in, we have to recognize it is not just the physical things that affect us such as the food and nutrition but our thoughts play a very important role, and the reason why is very simple: the cells in our body get information from the brain.

The brain releases chemical messengers called hormones and neuropeptides that coordinate the genetic activity and the behavior of our cells.

So the significance is very critical as to which peptides, which hormones are being released by the brain because they coordinate the cells to do different things.

What we now know is this, when environment is stressful, the neuropeptides and the hormones release by the brain actually try to protect the body and close down the systems. So that for example, if I live in a very stressful world, stress hormones will release from the brain in response to my interpretation of that world. The stress hormones shot down the growth mechanism of my body and shut down the immune system of my body.

So now we can understand very clearly why 90% of doctor visits are due to stress! Because we interfere with our normal maintenance and health of our body and we alter the genetics through epigenetic aspects of our belief system and our emotions. So it’s time to us to step back and say ‘I need to operate my body and take care of it because I am responsible, I am responsible for the care and feeding of Bruce so to speak, in this case. And why is it relevant because then I really want to go to a full service health, to make sure that all aspects of my environment are considered in balancing my health. And if I do this, it is so much easier and less expensive and less taxing than waiting for my body to break down and then inform me that I have been living out of balance with the world. So I want to thank you and the people like Global Health Clinics for offering this environment, a place where people can go and learn how to become balanced and learn how to live in harmony in the world around us because if we do that we will all stay healthy, young and vibrant.

And I hope this message goes out to all of your fans out there because I really would love to encourage people to seek Mastery over their health rather than waiting become a victim of their broken body.

Thank you very much. Bruce Lipton PhD.

As promised, please refer to our other videos for more information about the benefits of Holistic Health services at Global Health Clinics in Takapuna. Very best John Coombs – Director.