Wellbeing is simply defined as feeling good and functioning well. It is more than wellness; it is about being fully engaged and enjoying every aspect of life.

Improving wellbeing leads to the prevention of disease and outcomes such as:

• Better physical health
• Healthier lifestyles
• Improved recovery from illness
• Fewer limitations in daily living
• Higher educational attainment
• Greater productivity, employment and earnings
• Better relationship with adults and children
• Improved social cohesion and engagement
• Improved quality of life (Friedli, 2009)

We work with individuals, communities, and businesses to give priority to wellbeing. We specialize in counseling patients and families, and health and social welfare professionals, and communities, to develop the skills and attributes associated with wellbeing.

Wellbeing Coaching includes working on underlying causes of the problem, not the symptoms. Improving understanding of how attitudes, life experiences, choices, relationships and environmental factors impact on managing challenges and change and is critical to achieving wellbeing. Wellness has always been important to me.

Wellbeing is not a static process, it is a continuum. It is critical to protecting and enhancing our lives and to being connected with our communities.

As our senses are bombarded with information and workplace demands and family, financial and time pressures add to daily stress, we need wellbeing support. Changing energy levels, inadequate sleep and lack of down time can compromise our wellness. Processed foods, chemical and radiation invasion of our environment, food and EMF overload all impact on our health.

Awareness of the importance of wellness and wellbeing services is increasing, and we want to help you unlock your wellbeing. The Clinic provides holistic health and wellbeing assessments to people of all ages. Our goal is to support you to maintain optimal wellbeing through regular assessments and reviews. If you would like to know more about unlocking your key to personal health and wellbeing, We’d be delighted to assist you.

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