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Cell Wellbeing

wellness by unlocking your epigenetic potential

Only 4-6 strands of hair and follicle is needed to assess 800 of your epigenetic markers to help you unlock your epigenetic potential and achieve optimum wellness.

Our Digital S-Drive scanner maps out your epigenetics in just 15 minutes and provides you with a personalised report and action plan.

We asses your epigenetic profile for vitamins, parasites and viruses, nutrition, toxins, antioxidants, microbiology, minerals, fatty acids, EFA and EMF (radiation), as well as system supports including adrenals, digestion, brain health, circulation, and emotions to help unlock your epigenetic potential.

We individually analyse, then educate and empower you to optimise your lifestyle, diet, fitness, and environmental challenges including:

We provide 6 different Epigenetics Assessments and Reports with practical personalised solutions:

Your Epigenetics

Science is now showing that your genes are largely influenced by the environment, up to 98%. Epigenetics influence your body’s underlying wellness and determine your genetic expression. Knowing how to optimise your options is crucial for optimal wellbeing.

This includes the food you eat and whether you absorb or digest the nutrients, whether your circulation and heart health is functioning effectively, are your hormones operating efficiently, along with how you are responding to many common environmental factors or toxins at home and work.

Available online with postal assessments or in-house at the Takapuna clinic. Call us on (+64) 9 488 0208 to book a Cell Wellbeing assessment. We’ll send you a kit with full instructions.

You get a comprehensive health and wellbeing report along with a consultation explaining the key priorities in your program. This is based on your test results, compared with your personal questionnaire so you can maximise the benefits and streamline your epigenetics in a pathway to health and wellbeing.

Once we have received and tested your hair, we’ll book you a telemedicine consultation with a Wellbeing Specialist to discuss your results, including recommended nutrition and a personalized 88-day plan. Your full report will also be sent to you via email.

Terenzo Bozzone, Professional athlete and 5X World Triathlon Champion, explains how Cell Wellbeing has helped him.