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My Wellbeing Solutions

My Wellbeing Epigenetics Solutions Programme

Explore the wonders of our Epigenetic Wellbeing Solutions Programme, a cornerstone of our commitment to enhancing your quality of life through our comprehensive treatment regimes.

Experience the power of understanding 800 of your epigenetic markers, inclusive of food sensitivities, all achieved via analysis of merely 4-6 strands of your hair and follicle.

We extend our services countrywide, thanks to our convenient postal options.

Introducing our 90-Day My Wellbeing Solutions Programme, your smart, personalised programme that eliminates guesswork. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s affordable.

Our mission is to craft your bespoke wellness and nutritional programme. This cutting-edge initiative empowers you to thrive in today’s fast-paced world, efficiently managing your everyday stress.

Our state-of-the-art scanner, synchronized with an impressive supercomputer located in Germany, evaluates your response to 800 diverse environmental factors. This evaluation results in a prioritised and smart action plan tailored to your needs.

Embrace an optimised life through the innovative field of Epigenetics and lifestyle medicine with our team of professional health coaches.

As expressed by Dr Bruce H Lipton PhD, “Epigenetics is a science of mastery. It shows you do not need to be a victim of your genetics or your inheritance”. Your destiny is not determined by your genes; it can be guided by your actions and the choices you make today.

Our team of professional health coaches individually analyse, then educate and empower you to optimise your lifestyle, diet, fitness, and environmental challenges including:

We provide 6 different Epigenetics Programme and Reports with practical personalised solutions:

Empowerment through Understanding

Epigenetics plays a pivotal role in dictating your overall health and steering the expression of your genes. Harnessing the knowledge to enhance these influences is vital to achieve peak wellness.

This encompasses a multitude of factors, such as the types of food you consume, your body’s capacity to absorb and digest essential nutrients, the efficacy of your circulatory system and heart health, and the efficiency of your hormone regulation. Furthermore, understanding your reactions to a myriad of common environmental elements or toxins, both at home and the workplace, is crucial. This extensive understanding of your body’s responses can provide a crucial roadmap to optimal health and wellness.

We assess common issues like:

Stress, circulation, your emotions, adrenal health and wellbeing, hormone health, electrical sensitivities and interference from dissonant EMF, brain health, micro-biome, hydration, inflammation and pain, sleep, musculoskeletal system.


Collectively, these are known as Epigenetics.

Scientists now understand that your genes are largely influenced by the environment; in up to 98% of cases. Stress is the most important influence approximately 80 – 90 %, but if we do not know what causes this then we are under powered in our ability to optimise our life.

The eye-opening developments we present in our 88 day optimal wellness program, can take you down a health and wellbeing path where your genetic inheritance no longer controls you.

You Become Empowered and in Control of Your Own Destiny

The remarkable potential of your personal epigenetic indicators can be unlocked swiftly with just 4-6 strands of your hair and follicle, employing our FDA-compliant Epigenetic Wellbeing Digital S-Drive scanning system.

Your hair, an extraordinarily resilient biomarker, retains vast personal information on a quantum epigenetic level, including the fundamental biochemical compounds found in your follicles. These hair samples are digitally processed and securely transmitted to our technologically advanced centre in Hamburg, Germany.

There, our robust supercomputing systems interpret the relevance of the epigenetic data. Over 800 critical wellness markers are evaluated and ranked, generating a comprehensive report equipped with easy-to-understand charts and tables for your 88-day plan.

Our assessments cover a broad range, including Vitamins, Pathogens such as parasites and viruses, Amino Acids or Proteins, optimal Nutrition, Toxins and Radiation, Antioxidants, Microbiology, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, and Electrical Sensitivity or EMF Interference. This is cutting-edge technology dedicated to optimising your wellbeing.

You will receive an all-inclusive health and wellbeing report, accompanied by a consultation that elucidates the key priorities in your programme. The consultation is based on your test results and personal questionnaire, enabling you to reap the maximum benefits and streamline your epigenetics on a journey towards robust health and wellbeing.

Available online with postal assessments or in-house at the Takapuna clinic. Call us on (+64) 9 488 0208 to book a postal myWellEP Programme. We’ll send you a kit with full instructions.

Once we have received and tested your hair, we’ll book you a telemedicine consultation with a Wellbeing Specialist to discuss your results, including recommended nutrition and a personalized 88-day plan. Your full report will also be sent to you via email.

  • Standard Programme Assessment + Consultation (35 mins) – $229.00
  • Premium Programme Assessment + Consultation (1 Hr) – $299.00
  • Premium programme includes upgraded 1 hour consultation.
  • Premium Plus (1 Hr ) + 1 Follow up- $399.00
    Basic Follow up
  • Programme Assessment + Consultation (22 mins) – $199.00

We also have Cell Wellbeing Reports available.

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Lord of the Rings actor Bruce Hopkins tells us how the My Epigenetics Wellbeing Programme helped him recover from a serious heart illness.