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Prostate Health for Men

Prostate health is one of the major concerns for men, and for which doctors generally check as men get older. One of the most common health problems experienced by men is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. BPH is just a bigger prostate than it should be. Because the prostate gland wraps around a part of the urinary tract, when it becomes enlarged, it actually presses on the tube that carries urine, altering the ability to pass urine.


What affects gut health and how to improve it

How to wreck your gut health? Common everyday issues which deplete our gut health The health of your microbiome depends on having the proper balance between beneficial bacteria or flora and potentially pathogenic or anaerobic flora. You also need to manage or reduce other harmful organisms like fungus, virus, parasites, post virus, to maintain the health and integrity of your gut lining.…


Easy and Quick Lunch Ideas

Preparation is key to healthy living, but I know and understand how busy everyone’s lives are these days. It can be a real challenge trying to work full time, run a family, keep up with friends and family commitments, exercise regularly all whilst trying to maintain a healthy eating habits. I do want to remind…