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Pain Management

Pain is our body’s way of letting us know there is a problem. It is not something we should silence with medications without identifying and correcting the underlying cause.

At Global Health Clinics we have a wide-range of modalities to help manage pain, reduce inflammation, and strengthen weakened tendons and ligaments.

Medical Hypnosis

Once the root cause of your pain has been eliminated, the subconscious memory of pain may persist. By targeting its subconscious memory, these remnants of pain can be eliminated.

Since Medical Hypnosis targets the pain signals in the subconscious mind, it has been used as the only anaesthetic for surgeries and used instead of painkillers for hundreds of years. It is highly effective for pain relief according to published studies.


Hypnopuncture is a unique modality combining hypnosis with acupuncture to achieve synergistic results.
Because Dr Mitch saw the tremendous benefits of hypnosis and acupuncture when used alone, he decided to combine them to help achieve even better results.

Dr. Mitch is the only medical doctor in New Zealand and one of the few medical doctors in the world performing Hypnopuncture.


Prolotherapy uses your own immune cells to repair weakened tendons and ligaments. An average increase in the size of tendons and ligaments by 65% has been observed. Prolotherapy has also been shown to increase strength by 40%. Tissue formed from Prolotherapy is strong, healthy, & flexible. As tendons and ligaments are repaired, nerves are no longer irritated, and the pain typically resolves.

Prolotherapy involves injecting small amounts of natural substances (alongside anaesthetic to minimise pain), to the site of pain or an injury. The body’s natural repair mechanism gets stimulated which regenerates collagen or strengthens injured tissue surrounding injury. Resulting in improved joint stability, enhanced function, and decreased or absence pain.

Prolotherapy is:

  • Non-surgical
  • Effective
  • Regenerative
  • A Natural Approach
  • Safer than many other medical interventions
  • Requires minimal/virtually no down-time
  • Longest successful track record of over 80 years of published studies


Over the 70+ years that Prolotherapy has been utilised, it has proven to be an effective Regenerative Medicine treatment for musculoskeletal pain. It is a much more affordable treatment compared to Stem Cell Therapy despite being part of the same field of medicine.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), also referred to as The PRP Procedure or PRP Shots can help regenerate musculoskeletal system by utilising the growth factors of your own platelets. These growth factors can help promote regeneration of pain-producing tissue.

The PRP procedure involves taking your own blood, concentrating the platelet portion (with a centrifuge), before reintroducing it back into the damaged tissue, cartilage, or spine.

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