Health Topics and Tips

Our Team talk about health and how to stay healthy

What is Adrenal Fatigue? 2:44

John Coombs explains how adrenal health affects hormone health, what adrenal fatigue is, and the programmes on offer to boost adrenal health.

Dr James Wilson on Stress 8:07

Liz Gunn interviews the world’s foremost expert on adrenal health, and author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome. He explains how stress affects the adrenal glands, and how it impacts on our health, and offers solutions to help you overcome stress and adrenal fatigue.

Protein Deficiency 1:38

John Coombs talks about a common health problem – protein deficiency. He explains how not having enough amino acids, the building blocks of protein, causes sugar cravings and fatigue.

Thyroid Health 7:10

Dr Darryl Turner, world-leading researcher on thyroid health, says that many thyroid problems have simple natural solutions.

Client Testimonials

Our clients talk about their health journeys with Global Health Clinics.

Virtual Gastric Band 2:33

This client came with weight issues, and Stefan Sageman took her through Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. The results were astounding for the client!

Bruce Hopkins on Cell Wellbeing 5:01

Liz Gunn interviews Bruce Hopkins, Lord of the Rings actor and athlete. He talks about the Cell Wellbeing tests and how they have helped his journey to wellbeing.

Terenzo Bozzone Champion Triathlete 5:48

John Coombs of Global Health Clinics interviews Terenzo Bozzone, world champion triathlete. He explains how his Global Health Clinics programme helped him recover from injury and fatigue much faster, so he was able to compete at  optimal levels.

Terenzo Bozzone on Ozone 2:44

Terenzo Bozzone is a world champion triathlete, and trains 30-40 hours a week! Here he tells us how he does it with the help of the HOCATT™ and other Global Health Clinics therapies.

Frances Hogan’s Cancer Journey 14:53

John Coombs interviews Frances Hogan, from Australia, about her holistic cancer support experience at Global Health Clinics in Auckland, New Zealand.

John Hawke Regains Health 7:38

John Coombs of Global Health Clinics interviews John Hawke about his experience with the clinic. John Hawke came to the clinic with high levels of work stress, anger, and symptoms of fatigue. He also suffered from bad sleep, and anxiety panic attacks when speaking in public.

He talks about the improvements to his mood, energy levels, blood status, sleep, and general wellbeing and productiveness. And he is pleased to tell us he now enjoys speaking in public!

Lynn McAlister’s Journey 5:40

Lynn McAlister explains how Global Health Clinics has helped improve her health and wellbeing. Her extreme tiredness improved, she lost over 5 kgs, and she started feeling happy and joyful! Her biological age also improved by 7 years.