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Anti-aging programme

Let your inner beauty shine through the mature years!

Turn back the clock and look your best

Feeling good

Helping you feel your best physically and mentally, and helping you tap into your inner beauty and youth.


Looking great

Release stress and fatigue, condition the skin and circulation, and nourish yourself to reverse the effects of aging.

The programme

This unique programme combines evidence-based technologies with a holistic approach that addresses the whole person.

Cell Wellbeing™ health assessment

We use Epigenetics Wellbeing Assessment, an advanced health assessment which is USFDA-compliant for Wellness. Your hair is scanned, the data is transmitted to Germany for analysis of 800 health factors, and a comprehensive report is returned - in just 20 minutes!

Nutrition & lifestyle plan

We tailor a health programme that suits your individual needs on all levels, including a nutrition plan, factors to avoid or reduce (e.g. electromagnetic field exposure), lifestyle changes, and exercise and stress management routines.

HOCATT™ ozone spa

The HOCATT™ is one of the most advanced spa treatments delivering the health benefits of ozone, infrared sauna, steam, microcurrent therapy, in one relaxing package. The observed benefits include 600 calories burned, muscle relaxation and repair, detoxification, enhanced blood and oxygen delivery and more.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment (mHBOT)

Substantial research has shown the effectiveness of mHBOT in many serious conditions such as brain injuries, non-healing ulcers, heart attack, and sports injuries. It may also repair the telomeres of DNA, effectively reducing the effects of aging.

Ajna Light™ therapy

This is an advanced pulsing light system that is programmed to induce deep relaxation states, helping to manage stress and to access more effective parts of the brain activity.


We have a range of premium practitioner-only supplements to support physical health and recovery. This includes Dr James Wilson's Adrenal Quartet™, one of the best formulations for boosting adrenal health, vitality and energy.

Our price packages


$ 325

/ Value $390


$ 325

/ Value $390


$ 325

/ Value $390