Integrative Epigenetics and Wellbeing Specialists

At Global Health Clinics, we pride ourselves in having a team that cares for you. We have a phenomenal range of expertise on holistic approaches to health and wellbeing. We understand profoundly that all aspects of your person contribute to your wellness. And we use some of the latest sophisticated modalities and technologies to promote positive change, whether for physical conditions, emotional issues, or achieving your full potential.

john coombs


John has been working in Optimal Wellbeing since 1990 helping thousands of people to improve their quality of life, especially by integrating positive psychology and smart personalised epigenetics, lifestyle, nutrition and mindfulness into daily wellbeing.

John Coombs helps you find smart, practical science based wellbeing solutions especially for stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue, tiredness or low immunity. He uses smart technology and biohacking to analyse your epigenetics then helps you plan and implement a practical wellness program. He works in cooperation with the other Global Health specialists to ensure you get the best valued outcome. This involves a variety of smart therapeutic technologies such as hyperbaric oxygen and a variety of ozone detox therapies, PEMF (pulsing electro magnetic frequencies) and futuristic biophotonic analytic and light therapies.

John initially focused on nutrition and healthy food then graduated to more complex aspects of Holistic Wellbeing such as epigenetics and immunity, in realising the vital importance of optimal adrenal and hormone health, gut and heart health and integrated MindBody perspectives. How we effectively integrate and manage our mind, our attitudes and our emotional responses is critical to our quality of life and optimal wellbeing.

John’s particular interests are “the keys to switching on and maintaining our wellbeing epigenetics” both individually and collectively, as well as ensuring we circulate Oxygen, photons and electrons freely through our body to maintain and rejuvenate our cells. He has invested in state of the art ozone and oxygen technology like Hocatt and Hyperbaric Oxygen to ensure you get quality outcomes. He brings his unique vision and comprehension of science based holistic programmes for clients presenting with all states of health including the more serious immune deficiency related diseases.

He has studied metaphysics, quantum sciences, yoga and holistic wellbeing since the early 1970s and he partners with world authorities in Epigenetics like Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr James Wilson in Adrenal Fatigue, as well as a wide group of specialists in Oxygen Therapies, MindBody Medicine, Mindfulness and Thyroid health.

For more information watch our 10 episode TV series “The Global Health Show” now available in the resources section of this Website.



“Thank you so much John for getting me on the right track and taking such care with me.” Sandra aged 67 Auckland. 2020.

“Feeling much better John. I’m like a new person after my chronic fatigue”.  Female aged 48 Southland 2020.

“Really feeling so much better, got my energy back after Adrenal Fatigue”. Female Taupo Aged 61 2021

“Thanks for your help and genuine compassion for my son and myself experienced during our appointments. With gratitude.”  C.M  Auckland  2019

“Great sessions with John. I was feeling very out of balance and have some amazing new resources which I’m working with and implementing. The heart coherence breathing has completely transformed my world and I feel like my best self again.
What a little Oasis of goodness you have there”  A.N aged 49 Auckland.

“Thank you so much John for getting me on the right track and taking such care with me.” Sandra aged 67 Auckland. 2020

“Feeling much better John. I’m like a new person after my chronic fatigue.”  Female Aged 48 Southland 2020

“Really feeling so much better, thanks John. I’ve got my energy back after Adrenal Fatigue” Female Taupo Aged 61 2021

“Many thanks for your kindness and support; my mind, body and spirit is now more intact than when we met. My cancer markers are normal now and I believe several factors have aided my recovery and Global Health has been one of them, as I have learned to take charge of my own health.” D Auckland 2021

STEFAN SAGEMAN – CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST (All hypnotherapy sessions can be delivered online)

Stefan has a passion and desire to help people grow and transform using a variety of certified wellbeing programs that are specifically tailored to the individual. Our programs promote positive change and help remove past emotions and trauma as well as limiting beliefs, which can hold us back from improving and experiencing the best that life has to offer.

Stefan has extensively trained in the Simpson Protocol (SP) and other internationally recognised programs since 2009, and is a respected member of:

  • The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, UK
  • The National Guild of Hypnotists, USA
  • Hypnosis New Zealand

He focuses on the root cause of your problems and helps eliminate the barriers to change and empowerment. For example, he helps reveal the reasons why you can’t lose that weight, or why you have difficulty quitting smoking. Then positive changes are reinforced with hypnotherapy, and can make transformation easy and pleasurable.

Using the latest in hypnotherapy techniques, Stefan can help with a wide range of issues including

  • Addictions, insomnia, phobias, pain management, confidence issues, weight loss (with virtual gastric band)
  • Limiting beliefs and trauma

Stefan also offers programs which are about creating achievement with certified programs:

  • Personal and professional development (SP)
  • Foundational hypnobirthing program (SP)
  • Optimal health program (SP)
  • Pre/post surgery recovery and optimised healing (SP)

Stefan trained with some of most respected hypnotherapy trainers in the industry all over the world. In constantly exploring new techniques and hypnotherapy methods, his sessions are always offering more opportunities to resolve potentially difficult conditions.




Hester works with every aspect of your life to promote optimal mind and body integration, prosperity, spirituality, relationships, grief and loss, personal power, self-esteem, nutrition, detox and hormone analysis.

Hester specialises in optimal health and wellbeing programmes and provides one on one coaching sessions. She uses Global Health Clinic’s scientific approach to epigenetics to assess your current state of wellbeing and then works with you to create a holistic programme that is tailored to your individual needs. Hester has trained in all levels of PSYCH-K® Facilitation, mBIT coaching and Raindrop technique. She uses the Thryoflex Thyroid analysis to help develop optimal hormone wellbeing and EWA, Epigenetics Wellbeing Assessment. She refers to appropriate hormone and nutritional specialists when required.

She is committed to her own personal growth and professional development, including training with world authorities like Dr Joe Dispenza so that she can help others in the most efficient and effective way possible. PSYCH-K® Facilitates change at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind is different to the conscious mind and controls our habits, beliefs and perceptions 95% of the time – meaning we are only consciously creating our lives 5% of the time – we are on auto pilot! Hester will help you to determine how you would like to experience your life moving forward then support you through change processes that will allow you to live your life with a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Hester works with people of all ages in any area of life that people are wanting substantial change and understands that gaining optimum wellbeing can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming process. Her background gives her the unique ability to analyse and assess your specific needs and design a programme that optimises your wellbeing. She is also available for telephone and zoom consultations.



Vivienne has over 40 years experience in coaching and helping people develop excellent wellbeing strategies including mindfulness skills, aligning values into priorities, and overcoming unhelpful past traumas and anxieties. She coaches clients to develop greater coherence and lifestyle skills, with Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, Epigenetics Evaluations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
She uses the Thryoflex Thyroid analysis to help develop optimal hormone wellbeing and EWA, Epigenetics Wellbeing Assessment. She refers to appropriate hormone and nutritional wellbeing specialists when required.
Latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains – not just the head but also one in your heart and gut too! Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) are where ancient wisdom meets advanced modern neuro-science and advanced NLP linguistics and Behaviour Modelling. Most coaching sessions are available face to face or online.
Holographic Kinetics (HK) is an advanced and unique wellness modality which uses kinetic energy to go back through the hologram of time. It assists a client to access cellular memory passed down from generations which is the cause and effect of events. The Aborigines used a term ‘dream time’ to define an out of time space holographic dimension, and many ancient cultures recognise this.
Modern science is just beginning to comprehend the complexities of time / space and realise the implications of holographics.


Fi Rutland provides a compassionate quality of care for our clients. With her nursing background she has a vital wellbeing role at Global Health, especially when assisting our elderly and more vulnerable clients.

Fi has extensive experience in oxygen, ozone, light and detox therapies, a range of relaxation systems, head massage, reflexology, and reiki.

She is studying live blood analysis to help provide photographic evidence of blood expression. Suboptimal blood, which is easy to recognise, can lead to a wide range of wellbeing challenges including fatigue and inflammation.

Fi has a passion for the wellbeing of feet, your source of connection with the earth, using the Bio-pulse Detox Foot Spa, Reflexology, Foot Mobilisation and Reiki. The correlations between the feet and health have been understood in many traditions.

Bio-pulse is an electronic ionic exchange detox system that helps to recharge and rebalance the electrical signals that improve our ability to function effectively. The bio-pulse helps to gently detox chemicals and metals, restore the acid alkaline balance, reduce fatigue and improve general wellbeing.

For more than 25 years Fi has worked with a range of other modalities including Manaki massage, Reiki, Psychosynthesis and Indian Head massage.



Our practice manager Jeejo Murickan is passionate about making sure you get the best value from your experience at Global Health Clinics. He ensures the overall smooth functioning of the clinic with your best interests most at heart, so please contact him if you need advice on how best to achieve this.

Jeejo is trained in oxygen therapies and helps manage our epigenetics analytics. He is a qualified dentist with years of clinical experience in managing a practice, with qualifications in Health Service Management. He is a great asset to the team and our clients.