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Stress Assessment for Heart Wellbeing

Gain a picture of your Wellness with a Heart Coherence Test

We use emWave, the Heartmath™ Heart Coherence Test to assess stress objectively then apply Multiple Brain Integration Techniques or other advanced treatments to help you back into balance.

How Does Stress Affect Health?

According to the American Institute of Stress, up to 90% of all health problems are related to stress. Stress directly affects digestion, immunity, growth and healing, and reproductive health. Chronic stress is known to contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, depression, weight gain and sleep disorders.

How Does it Work?

Research done at Heartmath and other centres, have found that stress causes “incoherence” in the heart. The heart rate always varies (except in certain heart conditions), and the variation can be erratic, or it can be smooth – this is known as coherence. Erratic heart rate variation in turn causes erratic brain patterns, erratic breath patterns, and other disruptive effects in the body. Your body is literally out of sync, leading to disorganisation, disorder and finally, disease.

Interestingly, it was also found that positive emotions, like joy, appreciation, care and kindness create a harmonious pattern in the heart’s rhythms – and also in the brain, nervous system, and other body systems. The heart “entrains” the other systems, so their rhythms become harmonious and coherent. Coherence leads to mental clarity, as well as creativity and better problem-solving abilities; which in turn help a person adapt better to stressful situations.

How We Can Help

This immunity test can be done drive through and your results are available in 20 mins. Your consultation can either be done by telephone or a personal consultation in Takapuna. We are available for a Corporate Immunity Assessment at your work place in Auckland with a minimum of 10 people.

The assessment takes you through your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fats and proteins but most importantly it tells you if your body is overloaded with Environmental Stressors. These could be heavy metals, radiation, chemicals or electro sensitivities (microwaves, WiFi, TV etc.) It also lets us know in general if there are any pathogens such as mould, spores, fungus, virus or parasites that might be lingering and causing imbalances and harm to your wellbeing and immunity.

Find Out More

Vivienne Berry, Mind-body Medicine and Mulitple Brain Therapist demonstrates how to integrate the gut, heart and head brain in Episode 5 of The Global Health TV Series. Vivienne takes Bruce Hopkins through an exercise to maintain a healthy heart which helps with digestion, heart health, and brain function, as well as stress and anxiety management.