Health products

as they should be

Health products come in a range of qualities. Many supermarket-quality products have fillers and inert substances, and have cheap ingredients that may not be bioavailable to your body. We research the best supplements and products in the industry - products that have been tested, that are pure and ethically sourced, and that have the most bioavailable ingredients possible.

Boosting Energy

Dr Wilson's Adrenal Quartet

Formulated by the world's leading expert on adrenal fatigue, this premium range helps restore adrenal health so you can live life to the max, with optimum energy. Practitioner-only products, available through our healthcare professionals.

High Quality Protein

Ultra Protein Plus

Ultra Protein Plus is a delicious, flavored, nutritionally comprehensive protein powder that contains all the indispensable amino acids essential to health, as well as 25% of the nutrition provided by Douglas Laboratories' Ultra PreventiveĀ® III, a multivitamin/mineral dietary supplement. Ultra Protein Plus's source of protein is from yellow peas, a low allergenicity protein source that contains no genetically modified plant tissue and is pesticide free.

Thyroid Health

Quest ThyroVital

Healthy thyroid function is most important in healthy metabolic activity in the body. Quest Vitality ThyroVital Complex has Tyrosine plus withania, kelp and cofactors, supporting healthy thyroid and adrenal function and improve energy levels. Practitioner-only product, please consult our professionals.

Kiddies Health

Kids Gummies

Radiance was created in New Zealand in 1990, with the goal to improve peoplesā€™ lives by offering healthy solutions, through innovative products with high quality formulations and premium ingredients. Plus, these products are so yummy, your kids will be asking for them every day!

Herbs for Brain Health

Harker Stress and Brain Formulas

Harker Herbals, master herbal specialists, have been keeping New Zealanders healthy for more than 35 years with their traditional herbal tonics and elixirs. These formulations are ideal to nourish and support brain health, and are both soothing and reviving for the nervous system.

Vegan Protein

NanoPro Vegan

Detox and recovery superfood with vegan protein and vitamin D3 and Withania somnifera. Made from pea, brown rice and chia seeds and provides all essential amino acids for a complete protein. With added Wellbody 365 to support stress, ProHydrolase for recovery and Vitashine vegan vitamin D3 for healthy immunity.