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Holistic, Mind-Body and Energy Medicine

We all know that many people struggle with life however there are always torchbearers who lead humanity to a more liberated experience. These are some of the key people who have helped influence my thinking towards a more practical whole systems approach. Towards integration. The main scientific approach of our age has been towards reductionism and specialisation, which places us all at great risk both individually and collectively. I’ve worked with our team to develop more practical whole systems well-being programs which helps the whole person by integrating ageless wisdom with a wide variety of scientific, philosophical, and literary disciplines.

This has helped to understand the innate and precise coherence of our living systems including the mathematics of the Golden Ratio. This coherence applies across the spectrum from cosmology through to quantum biology. Life consistently expresses through these precise harmonics, which we can learn to harness for optimal individual and collective wellbeing. Some of these people are renowned for spirituality, when an open mind would suggest they were actually scientists who comprehended the innate wisdom of life, and the emergent sustainability and wellbeing involved with what we commonly call spirituality.

My list of people who have influenced me the most in my work includes:

Albert Einstein – physics and humanities

Albert Szent-Györgyi – medicine, vitamin C, nature of water Nobel prize

Bruce Lipton – Stem Cell research and epigenetics

Dr Deepak Chopra – Quantum healing, holistic wellbeing

Gerald Pollock – Fourth phase water

Maseru Emoto – Crystallography, Structure of water

John Lennon – Poetry, music

Jesus the Nazarene – compassionate wisdom

Buddha – Compassion, Middle path

Francis Bacon – Science, Literature, Humanities

Pythagoras – Science, philosophy and wellbeing

Plato – Philosophy

Da Vinci – art and science, water systems

Socrates – philosophy

Nassim Harumein – integrated field theory

Lao Tsu – Taoism

Erwin Schronenberger – physics Nobel prize

Max Planck -physics Nobel prize

Homer – classics

Steve Jobs – Integrated operating systems

Buckminster Fuller – systems theorist, futurist (build a new model)

Elisabeth Sauhtoris – Living systems and evolution biologist

Helena Blavatsky – Theosophia

Koot Humi – compassionate wisdom

Konstantin Korotkov – bioenergetics, water systems

Vladimir Voeikov bioenergetics, water, live blood research

Dr James Wilson – Adrenal Fatigue

Otto Warburg – Oxygen, biochemistry 2 x Nobel prize

Fritz-Albert Popp – photobiology

Luc Montagnier – medical Biology

Yogananada – Yoga science

Dalai Lama – Spiritual leader, Nobel peace prize winner and non-violence advocate

Veda Austin- Water scientist and author of “the secret intelligence of water”

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