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Earthing Single Grounding Under sheet with plugs & lead


The Earthing single under sheet (Leather) is a premium long lasting conductive sleeping mat. It is designed to lay straight on top of your mattress or protector while covering it with your favorite sheet and still allowing the proven benefits of being earthed during your sleeping process. You may lay it on either one side of the bed OR horizontally crossed over the bed to benefit both individuals.

Sheet includes:

plugs & lead

Earthing Single Grounding under sheet (sleep mat or underlay)

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Our Earthing sheets and pillows are made from conductive material of 95% cotton with 5% silver grid woven in.

Sheet is durable and will hold up to hundreds of washing and drawings on the low heat setting.

Earthing has a great amount of health benefits

Some of the health benefits, many people have reported and written about are:

Increased energy

Improved circulation

Better sleep quality

Protection against environmental electrical fields

More efficient function of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system

Less inflammation

Faster recovery from trauma

Accelerated wound healing

Body detoxification

Less stress

Relief of muscle headaches and muscle tension

Reduced menstrual symptoms

Reduced or eliminated chronic pain