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Homegrown Primal | Bone + Marrow | Grass-fed, Grass-finished Bone Marrow | 180 Caps


Our Bone + Marrow supplement is the ultimate powerhouse of bone health. Bone + Marrow is made from 100% grass-fed, grass-finished bovine, sourced in the pristine pastures of New Zealand.

Our capsules contain whole bone extract, bone matrix, bone marrow, and cartilage. Think of it as bone broth in a capsule, providing all the benefits without the time and effort of making it from scratch.

We recommend a daily dosage of 6 capsules. This is providing you with 3,600 mg of the highest quality bone and marrow nutrients to help you build iron clad bones.

Bone marrow is an excellent source of fat-soluble activators like vitamins A, D, and K2. These are essential for promoting immune health. In addition, it contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can enhance immune function, as well as increase bone and calcium metabolism to improve overall health. The bone matrix is especially rich in collagen, which is known for its ability to promote bone health. Finally, the bone cartilage is packed with stem cells and base cells that aid in the regeneration of healthy bone production. This promotes healthy bones, blood, teeth, and gums. Bone + Marrow is perfect for those on a paleo, keto, or carnivore diet, and is the ultimate ancestral supplement.

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Daily Recommended dose: 6 caps a day:

Saturated Fat: 0.14gm

Calcium: 7.2gm

Iron: 1.68 mg

Magnesium: 1.128mg

Potassium: 119mg

Sodium: 1856mg

Zinc: 21mg