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Homegrown Primal | Boost Powder | Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Beef Liver | 90 Grams


Elevate your daily supplement routine with the new and convenient powdered version of our renowned Boost supplement!

Boost is made from the finest, grass-fed grass-finished beef liver, sourced in the pristine pastures of New Zealand. Add to smoothies, fortify stews, or sprinkle on eggs, our powder is a great way to add liver if you’re not into eating capsules, but want a convenient way to add nature’s superfood to your diet.

Beef liver is a nutrient dense superfood that provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids necessary for optimal health. It’s an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, iron, and folate. These all support normal metabolism, immune function, and energy production. The high concentration of B vitamins in liver also supports improved brain function and mood regulation. Additionally, the unique combination of nutrients found in beef liver promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. Studies have shown that consuming liver also improves athletic performance and cardiovascular health. In short, adding beef liver to your diet is an efficient and effective way to meet daily nutritional requirements, and see massive improvements in overall health.  Boost is perfect for those on carnivore, keto, and paleo diets, and is the ultimate ancestral supplement.

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Ingredients – 100% Grass Fed Bovine Beef Liver, Collagen Capsule (Beef Gelatine)

Suggested Use  – We recommend 1 to 2 tsp a day for optimal health benefits.


Nutritional Information: for 21gm of powder a week

1 gram fat

2.1 gm protein,

14 mcg vitamin B-12,

5,099 IU vitamin A

2.2 mg heme iron.

0.8 mg riboflavin,

3.7 mg niacin,

81.2 mcg folate,

2.0 mg pantothenic acid,

120 mg choline

0.4 mg vitamin C,

2.7 mg copper.