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Homegrown Primal | Colostrum | 100g


Premium grade colostrum sourced from nature raised cows in the the south island of New Zealand. Freshly processed using gentle low heat spray-drying to maintain the integrity of its bioactive components.

The benefits of New Zealand grass fed  Colostrum.


The bioactive components of colostrum help build immunity and protect against bacterial proliferation and growth.

Digestive Health:

Colostrum has been shown to assist with the early repair of the human gut and has an ability to stimulate cell migration and growth, promoting mucosal integrity.


Colostrum plays an important role in mammalian host defence. Alongside the regulatory effect of the immune system in newborns, many studies suggest colostrum may also help regulate the immune system of immunocompromised adults.

Tissue Repair:

In athletes, colostrum supplementation has reportedly seen significant increases in bone mineral content, lean muscle mass, muscle thickness and cognition.

Our product is processed from fresh, never frozen. High in active IgG, and high in protein.

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Nutritional Profile:

Energy: total (calories).     per 100gm.   371 Kcal

Protein: gm/100gm                                  66.8

Fat: total gm/100gm                                 1.1

Carbohydrate: gm/100gm                        22.2

Sodium: mg/100gm.                                 263

Calcium: mg/100gm.                               1350

Chloride: mg/100gm                                 434

Copper: Microgm/100gm                          72.5

Iodine: Microgm/100gm                            29.3

Iron: mg/100gm                                         0.65

Magnesium: mg/100gm                            143

Phopshorus: mg/100gm                            1100

Potassium: mg/100gm                               755

Selenuim: Microgm/100gm                        23.3

zinc: mg/100gm                                           8.9

contains vitamins, A B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B12.

Bioactive Composition:

IgG, IgA, IgM, IGF-1, IGF-11,

Lacto feria, lactoperoxidase, Lyzozme