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Homegrown Primal | Heart + Lung | Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Bovine Heart and Lung | 180 Caps


Heart + Lung, the ultimate organ supplement for optimal cardiovascular and respiratory health. Heart + Lung is made from 100% grass-fed, grass-finished bovine heart and lungs, sourced from the pristine pastures of New Zealand. Our freeze-dried process locks in all the natural nutrients without any added fillers or preservatives. We recommend a daily dosage of up to 4 capsules a day. This provides you with 1,400 mg of the highest quality bovine for heart and lung support

Heart and Lung support cardiovascular health in a number of ways. The heart is rich in peptides, proteins, enzymes, and co-factors. This helps to generate energy in the cells and increase mitochondrial function. Meanwhile, the lung tissue is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B12, heme iron, and selenium. Lung tissue has been used historically by those with respiratory disorders. Lung tissue is amazing to support the healing of lung tissue and recovery from exposure to dust, smoke, and vape. Heart + Lung is perfect for those on paleo, keto, and carnivore diets, and is the ultimate ancestral supplement.

Recommended daily dose: 6 caps

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Nutritional Information:

Fat: 1.6gm

Sodium: 55mcg

Iron: 2.05mg

potassium: 95.2mg


Copper: 0.16mcg

Selenium: 4.76mcg

Vit A: 12.8mcg

Vit B5: 1.28mcg

Vit B2: 0.33mcg

Vit B3: 4.5mg

Thiamine B1: 0.18mg

Vit C: 10.7 mg

Vit B12 1.0mcg