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“The team here at Global Health Clinics makes me healthy... Being happy, healthy and balanced really contributes to me performing at the top level.”

Terenzo Bozzone
5X World Champion Triathlete

Time for a health upgrade?

Take one of our premium programmes designed to effectively boost health and wellbeing

Boost your energy and vitality the natural way!

Let your inner beauty shine through the mature years!

Be the best version of yourself in sports or business!

Balance your weight, naturally and effortlessly!


Our team of professional health coaches will work with you to achieve your health goals.

Global Health are one of New Zealand's most experienced natural health consultancies, with thousands of satisfied clients throughout NZ. Amongst our practitioners, we have a total of 175 years' experience in health care and health promotion. Our focus is getting you to your optimal state of health. Whether you are suffering from stress, low energy, anxiety, injury or serious illness or just want to look, feel or perform better, we can help you. Our experienced practitioners can customise a programme just for you.

Optimise your energy and vitality

Energy enhancing programme

At Global Health Clinics in Takapuna, Auckland, we specialise in helping people like you address fatigue and boost vitality.

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Enhance performance in sports or business

Peak performance programme

We help your body to recover faster, building stamina, endurance and strength when facing athletic challenges. Our peak performance programme also assists recovery from stress and fatigue, boosts energy and refocuses your mind. We help take you to the next level in your sport or business performance.

Turn back the clock and look your best

Anti-aging programme

Helping you feel your best physically and mentally, and helping you tap into your inner beauty and youth. Release stress and fatigue, boost circulation, improve and nourish the condition of your skin to reverse the effects of aging.

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Detox and reduce the bloat

Weightloss programme

We look at the causes of imbalance, then we help you detoxify, rebalance your hormones, boost your digestion and metabolism and burn calories while relaxing. You'll find your perfect weight, safely and naturally.


Really good experience at Global Health. I’m very pleased that I found this place and it has done a lot for my health. I have been pleased to see all the therapists and I think I have benefited from all of them.


All practitioners we saw had good rapport with us. Explanation of each situation was very clear. There was clear understanding of what we were after and to find a solution to best fix the problems at hand. I would totally recommend Global Health Clinics to any of my friends/family to come to resolve any of their health issues.

V. & S.

Global Health Clinics has been nothing short of amazing. Their facilities are good and easy to access, waiting room very relaxing and the staff friendly and welcoming. Their approach to the cost of treatment has given me peace of mind. This clinic is worth more than any money could buy.

M. & J.Christchurch

How fortunate we are to have this dynamic team of practitioners at the Global Health Clinics in Takapuna. My experience began through my mother, who was in the very latter stages of cancer. In observing the skills of the practitioners, the remarkable effects that happened, really opened my eyes to the resources for healing and aligning a persons’ body to its optimal state in all the compositions of mind, body and spirit.


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Qualified practitioners


Committed to you
Integrated wellbeing

8 good reasons why Global Health is right for you:


Science based

We work with technologies that have been tested in modern research or in the field.

Experienced practitioners

Every practitioner is qualified, has explored a range of modalities over years or even decades, and understands integrative healthcare.

Great facilities

We are based in a beautiful villa in Takapuna, Auckland with comfortable furnishing that makes you feel welcomed.

Latest technology

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology developed by scientists and researchers, in some cases used by European hospitals and health organisations.

We get results

With over 6,000 past clients, we have achieved positive results that in some cases have been life-changing. Of course, every individual responds differently.

Convenient location

We are just off the Northern Motorway, 5 minutes after the Harbour Bridge. There is ample parking on the premises or on nearby side streets.

Comprehensive treatment plans

We treat the whole person - the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of a person. You choose how much you want to address.

Empathy and caring

Our approach is based on giving you the time in consultations and treatments. We treat you like a guest. We make you feel comfortable and heard. Our prices are fair.
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