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Personalised Wellness for C-Suite Executives at Global Health Clinics

Continuing our series on workplace well-being, Global Health Clinics is proud to offer a specialised approach to wellness tailored specifically for C-suite executives. Understanding the unique pressures and challenges faced at this level of professional responsibility, our clinic provides a comprehensive program to combat fatigue, enhance focus, and ultimately, boost productivity. As we have successfully […]

5 Minutes to Well-Being at the Office: Combating Burnout and Fatigue

In today’s fast-paced work environment, finding ways to maintain well-being and combat burnout and fatigue is crucial, especially when time is limited. Simple, quick strategies can be the key to refreshing your mind and body, thereby enhancing productivity and focus.  These practices, which can be done individually at your desk, are designed to provide a […]

Eat Your Way to Flawless Looking Skin

Cosmetics and skin care products are always thought to be very beneficial in treating skin conditions like, wrinkles, dry or oily skin, acne, inflammation etc. Though, treating the skin with topical cosmetics does very little to address the root cause of the blemishes. The skin is one of the main organs that gets rid of […]

Improve Your Work Productivity Through Your Diet

Most people might not associate nutrition with workplace performance straightaway. However, what we eat at work can greatly influence our performance. Many studies have shown that low productivity is often related to poor diet and lifestyle choices. Brown University even claims that healthy adults can work longer and achieve higher salaries over their lifetime. Considering most […]