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Lifestyle Medicine and Epigenetics with Health Coaching by Wellbeing Specialists NZ Wide

Global Health Clinics is a Primary Care Lifestyle Medicine Centre specialising in disease prevention, through pioneering health coaching and wellbeing education, with proactive wellness programs and lifestyle counselling. Our team is comprised of integrated health coaching specialists working together for your optimum health and wellbeing.

We use FDA compliant wellness screening, helping to reduce the risk of disease by improving your immunity and vitality with healthy lifestyle programs, oxygen therapies and smart nutrition.

Our treatment systems help support optimal physiology and performance, by improving mental health in times of stress, with proactive personalised wellbeing programs.

We treat the whole person: the underlying causes, not just the symptoms. We offer you optimum lifestyle medicine, promoting vitality, proactive wellbeing, with an exploration into your full human potential.
John Coombs CEO, Wellbeing Specialist
John Coombs
CEO, Wellbeing Specialist

We Will Help You

Whether you have serious and immediate health challenges or are seeking the best possible good health we have a programme for you.
Our programmes can lead you to a lifetime of optimum wellbeing! You will be guided by our experienced practitioners for synergistic and outstanding results.
We are committed to the 4 pillars of health and wellbeing; integrated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. And we understand that health is not just absence of disease – its much more than that…
Our comprehensive programmes care for you on all levels of your being.
A Whole Person approach!

Anxiety & Stress

If you find yourself, anxious, stressed, unable to sleep, or constantly worrying, we have the people and skills to find that body and life balance once again.

Weight Imbalance

Is the weight stubbornly staying on no matter how much you diet and exercise? A check on a well-functioning thyroid may help you find your answers.


If you find yourself constantly tired, and unable to feel energised even after rest, your adrenals may be the problem. We have the assessments and tests to help you get you energy back.

Diverse Solutions

Among our practitioners we have a hypnotherapist, nutritionist as well as detox therapies to help you break old habits. Get healthy and use the right support to make a change in your life.

Determine the baselines

Advanced Health Assessment Technology

We use an advanced Epigenetic Assessment, a hair follicle test to provide you with a My Wellbeing Solutions Programme which is USFDA-compliant for Wellness. Your hair is scanned, the data is transmitted to Germany for analysis, and a comprehensive report is returned – in just 20 minutes!

Changing Your Health Patterns

Holistic Programmes

Your diet, hygiene and lifestyle habits have a profound impact on your health. We tailor a health programme that suits your individual needs on all levels, and offer the best supplements and neutraceuticals on the market.

Cutting-Edge Health Technology

Advanced Body Therapies

We offer profound body therapies like osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy, as well as the latest technological advances to safely and effectively deliver ozone and oxygen: the HOCATT™ Spa and mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Changing Your Mental Patterns

Advanced Mind Therapies

Our consultants have been keeping up with the most powerful belief- and habit-changing tools, such as Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, and PSYCH-K. Whether it is relationships, phobias, addictions or limiting beliefs, we can help you.

Please watch this video!

Dr Bruce Lipton explains the principles of modern holistic health care, and why health centres like Global Health Clinics are vital for our wellbeing.

“I want to thank the people at Global Health Clinics for offering this environment, a place where people can go and learn how to become balanced and how to live in harmony with the world around us, because if we do that we will all stay healthy and vibrant.”

Dr Bruce Lipton PhD

Cell Biologist, Epigenetics Pioneer, Author of best-selling “Biology of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution”

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