A Revolutionary Way to Master Stress

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Mastering Stress is Very Simple

When you experience stress, all you have to do is clear the fight-flight chemicals and you will come back to balance or homeostasis.  (Obviously, if stress is an ongoing issue due to repetitive situations and circumstances then they will need to be addressed too).

The adrenalin during the fight/flight stress response (and when a stressful memory is remembered) can be rapidly cleared using active visualisation.  Research has proven visualisation to be extremely effective and can be more powerful as it eliminates physical distractions.


When you feel stressed, identify if you are feeling anger or fear, or one of the lower stress emotions such as worry or frustration.  If you are, ask yourself what are you perceiving that is dangerous or threatening?  The stress response is a set up to keep you safe in times of danger.  Knowing what you are perceiving as dangerous will help to put some light on the stress that you experience.  The next step is to discover how to rapidly bring down your stress levels.


The techniques that Valee has developed through her experience working with psychosynthesis for the past 26 years, EFT and coaching are revolutionary as they rapidly rewire the brain.  These techniques are not stress management techniques but rapidly clear the stress chemicals in the body as experienced by Linde below, and bring about a permanent change.

‘Valee spent just 1hour with me on the subject of absolute anger toward….. well….Police over an issue. The method she used works so well: on awaking in the morning, as soon as I opened my eyes…..I felt completely different. Thank you Valee. You are inspirational and effective. Thank you so much.’

-Linde Walker, Auckland

A couple of months later when I asked Linde about the police incidents, she still felt completely different with no return of the stress.

Past Trauma

Below is an example of how effective these techniques are even for past trauma that has been there for years.

An underlying cause that can keep trauma stuck and recycling for years is when shock, fear or anxiety has not been physically acted upon at the time of traumatic events.   Moreover, not acting on the fight/flight response as it occurs, whether or not it is related to real danger, over stimulates the stress chemicals to release into the body where eventually the body cannot come back to homeostasis or balance easily.  Hence, why it is imperative to learn how to clear the stress chemicals as and when they come up for your inner health and wellbeing.

Client Experience

This is the experience of one of my female clients who was living with 34 years of an unresolved traumatic experience after a physical assault in 1984 whilst walking through a park.

Her stress/emotional levels were as follows before her first session: (5/5 = extreme)

  • Outraged, Overwhelmed 5/5
  • Apprehensive, Despaired, Distressed, Helpless, Hopeless, Muddled, Panicked, Paralysed 4/5

After the first session her stress/emotional levels reduced to:

  • Outraged 1/5 Overwhelmed 3/5
  • Apprehensive, Distressed, Helpless, Hopeless 1/5
  • Despaired, Muddled, Panicked, Paralysed 2/5

You can see from the results that the stress emotions came down to 1/5 for outrage and apprehension, and 2/5 for panic.

If you would like to experience this revolutionary way to clear stress Valee is offering a 30 minutes FREE DISCOVERY SESSION*

To help make the most of the session Valee has prepared a questionnaire which will help with clarity.

  • Please make sure the questionnaire is filled in prior to the session.
  • Click this link to access the questionnaire which is a google doc.

Please call Global Health Clinics on (09) 488 0208 or email us

It would be an honour to support you.
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*Don’t be disappointed – only 10 free discovery sessions available – 1 per person.

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