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Ajna Light therapy – How it can “chillax” your brain

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First time I heard about The Ajna lights and was asked if I wanted to try them, I replied with a “Sorry what-lights?” I had never heard of them before. Now after trying it more than a dozen times and putting clients in for the sessions, I see what the Ajna-lights are all about!

You might be wondering now, what they are.

The Ajna lights are a system that uses powerful LED lights that flicker a white light in different specific frequencies. These frequencies range between 1Hz and 50Hz and enhance our brainwaves between a lightly relaxed state to a deep meditative state. We use them daily.

The different brain waves we work with are:

• Delta (deep meditative state): 0.5- 4Hz,

• Theta (sleeping state): 4Hz – 8Hz

• Alpha (alert, relaxed state): 8Hz – 13Hz

• Beta (awake, thinking state): 13Hz – 30Hz

• Gamma (conscious awareness): 30Hz and above, particularly 40Hz

• Schumann Resonance (Earth electromagnetic peaks) 4Hz, 8Hz, 12Hz, 32Hz

How it all works

You are lying on a bed with the lights above your head. Together with the practitioner, you choose which brain wave and length of the program to start with. For beginners, it’s advised to start with a short program in the Schumann frequency, which is similar to the frequency of our heart or the earth. It’s also recommended to start shorter programs and then eventually work your ways to longer programs. Once the program is chosen you can also choose music to go with it. You put headphones on, lay relaxed on the bed, close your eyes and when the practitioner presses play the flickering journey begins.

First time for me, I experienced a bright light, which takes some adjusting too, if it is too bright the practitioner can adjust it. What I realised quickly, (this is the cool part) was I saw different moving shapes, colours and images. It reminded me of a kid looking through a kaleidoscope. It felt like a space journey.

The images change quite fast and it takes a while for the logical mind to let go of the fact of figuring it out. It can be intense at first but once I relaxed into it and let it just be, it turned into a beautiful journey and I felt my body get more and more calm and relaxed. Sometimes I even nod off. Other times I just take in the magical trip and feel more awake or like I just had a power nap.

I once had an epiphany and saw ripples, which reminded me “this is a BRAIN MASSAGE”!

Ever since I have been having Ajna-light sessions especially after a very busy and stressful day where the mind is overwhelmed and overloaded! It just helps me wind down and reset.

Many clients have different experiences! Depending on what they feel, if it’s fatigue from not getting enough sleep, restlessness, too much stress, an overloaded mind, anxiety etc. every program and journey is very different and individual. I have had clients who have sleeping issues for years, who just fall asleep in an instant and finally go into a deep rest. Others have said, “It calms the overdriven, buzzy or loud brain and turns it into a calm and relaxed one”. Some start to listen to their body more and have felt an extreme de-stress experience. They still might be a bit drowsy after and just want to rest. Some might feel more alert and awake. It all depends on the choice of program and what the client needs. I have once had an uncomfortable journey but I do believe I chose the wrong program for myself that day. I have had a few odd occasions like this with clients but when we tried a different brainwave the following time, they felt great. It all depends on where the client is mentally and energetically and what they need. It’s so individual!

Some clients have spiritual experiences. These are usually the clients who have done the programs a few times already. They can go into a deep meditation. Some have seen mandalas, spinning chakras, white light as if they had an out-of-body experience, some have experienced seeing a religious presence like Jesus, Buddha, God etc. It’s amazing what people see!

One client who has done a lot of research with the mind said it was like going on an LSD trip without the drugs and the side effects. (Mind you there are NO drugs involved during these sessions)

Why do people experience this, the pineal gland is getting activated, located in the centre of the brain (some call it the sixth chakra or third eye). When activated, the pineal gland produces DMT (dimethyltryptamine) from the naturally occurring amino acid tryptophan. In a similar way to hallucinogenic drugs, the user can gain great spiritual insights during this process, but the great advantage of using the Ajna Light is that it does not change the brain chemistry, and therefore you are not stuck with potentially toxic substances in your system with all the known and potential side effects that go with this. At any stage, you can leave the room and the session ceases.

Tryptophan also helps activate melatonin, which helps with sleep. So clients with sleep issues benefit greatly from this.

The brain waves

Delta Waves 0.5Hz-4Hz

Deep relaxation state, deep non-dreaming sleep state, accesses the power and knowingness of your unconscious mind. Releases growth hormone & decreases cortisol “stress hormone”. It creates the feeling of wellbeing, extreme Bliss, calmness & euphoria. Lowers any anger or irritation. It’s a natural pain reliever, great for headaches and migraines.

Theta Waves 4Hz-7Hz

Happens during deep meditation or when dreaming, REM periods of light sleep. That state when you are just drifting asleep. The Activated subconscious mind. It’s great for memory and learning. The opposite of stressed out. It deepens your breath, enhances intuition & increases creativity. Reduces Anxiety.

Alpha Waves 7Hz-13Hz

It’s great for relaxation, light meditation, a relaxed alert state of focus and concentration. It engages your imagination and visualization e.g. music, art or invention-creation. You can activate your ability to learn and memorize passively. Good for addicts to receive their “satisfaction” without receiving their substance. It lowers blood pressure, lowers anxiety, stress and enhances mental stability and serotonin. You enhance your connection with your body and become aware of the imbalances.

Beta waves 13Hz-30Hz

It’s the Normal alert and awake consciousness, the Pineal gland stimulation. The logical mind thinking. It’s Judging, analyzing and problem thinking. Activates Focus & concentration & is great when making plans or doing maths, spelling or reading. Calcium and oxygen get released into the cells. “Runners high” due to serotonin release. Too much thought process can lead to Stress mode.

Gamma 30Hz +

It’s associated with Insight and high-level information processingConscious awareness. Tibetan Buddhist monks, that meditate and focus on compassion, have shown the largest amount of gamma in any human study. Gives full chakra balance. Activates the kundalini. Stimulates endorphin and beta-endorphin release. It’s an enhancement of some of the beta frequency benefits; problem-solving, intelligence, memory, focus etc.

Schumann Resonances 4Hz, 8Hz, 12Hz, 32Hz

These are a spectrum of peaks in extremely low frequency (ELF) of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, similar to the frequency of the heart. Because it has a broad range, it is a great introduction since it goes through each of the brainwave states.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to calm their mind from stress, experience full relaxation or dig deeper and access the multiple dynamics of our brains. It is an amazing journey and can be combined with other sessions like the sauna or PEMF mat, which you can read more about on our website. It is not advised for Epileptics, or in combination with sessions like Hypnosis, MBIT, EFT, TRE or Psych-K.

Watch the video by Dr. Bruce H Lipton PHD ( World Recognized Scientist, Biologist, Author, Lecturer) where he explains Pineal Gland input and how the Ajna lights can help harmonise the Pineal, and the associated glands.

By, GHC Wellbeing Services

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