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Dr Daryl Turner 2 – Iodine for Thyroid & General Wellbeing

Dr Daryl Turner thyroid health

Dr Daryl Turner world authority and specialist in thyroid symptoms discusses with John Coombs the value of iodine supplementation for thyroid health.

We discuss the properties of iodine and iodide and the benefits especially for thyroid health and helping with hypothyroid conditions. Your body needs a combination of iodine and iodide to maintain a healthy thyroid which is your master gland. Modern food is depleted in iodine and you need enormous volumes of seafood, 2.2 kg of fish a day to get adequate iodine for a high functioning thyroid.

Daryl Turner developed the Thyroflex system which is 98% accurate, to assess thyroid functions and to help indicate when hypothyroid symptoms may be evident. Iodine reduces the negative health effects of the Halide chemical group – Chlorides, Bromides and Fluorides are toxic in even small doses and are common in carpets and upholstery, large doses of fluoridated water, swimming pools, most house hold and industrial cleaning products, pesticides and many industrial chemicals.

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