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Emotional Release for Peace, Health and Wellbeing

The emotional peace process easily and gently releases the emotions stored in the body that have been created through stress, difficulty or traumatic experiences and unease.

Emotions and Dis-Ease
Emotions are created by how the mind evaluates an experience and the brain’s release of chemicals into the blood stream. These chemicals attach to different receptors on the outside of your cell membranes and, according to the movie What the Bleep Do We Know, many attach to the cells’ nutrition receptors and eventually can prevent its uptake. This is one good reason why releasing emotions and not suppressing them is very important, but there are others:

Now Research* is showing that emotions can impact everything from how efficiently your metabolism runs, to how you digest your lunch, to whether or not you are vulnerable to a cold, virus or dis-ease and how long you live. In fact, a study at Harvard University and other institutions have shown that suppressed emotion can increase the risk of premature death by 35%, and specifically increase the risk of cancer by 70% and heart disease by 47%.

I don’t know about you, but the only acceptable emotion that was expressed in my childhood family was anger. To express fear, sadness or other negative emotions didn’t feel safe as these emotions weren’t acceptable, and to do so was downright scary. Here is a classic case of suppressed emotion from an early age which has continued into adulthood and has been passed on from generation to generation.

As you are reading this article, ask yourself what emotions were accepted in your childhood family and what ones were suppressed. Are you still suppressing the same emotions and only expressing those that were safe? Where in your body do you feel suppressed emotion?

Suppressed emotion not only can play havoc with your health but also in how you deal with stress and everyday life. Emotion determines whether or not you will do something and colours most interactions with loved ones, friends, acquaintances and anyone you interact with.

Your Story
As a therapist and coach I hear many stories that are creating emotional upheaval, unhappiness, conflict, dis-ease and difficulty creating what one wants in life and relationships. But it is the story that continues to trigger the same neuron network in the brain, and so the story/issue never gets resolved. The answer lies in releasing the emotions and the triggers that cause them.

Emotional Release to Peace
This process releases the suppressed emotions in the body. When you fully go through the process you pop out the other side into a place of peace and ease, and you will feel a change in your body. As long as the emotion in your body on a specific issue has gone done to 0 it will not come back.

People have experienced their health issues resolve, pain and old trauma leave their body which has created a new lease on life.

If you would like to experience the emotional peace process for health and wellbeing, please call 09-488 0208 to book in a consultation today!