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Great news! New upgrade to our Cell wellbeing program- Test for Immunity Auckland!

We are happy to let you know our Cell wellbeing 90-day optimal wellbeing program has had an upgrade and now offers a Immunity Assessment & Optimize Wellbeing 90 Day Program.

Our immune systems function totally varies based on the foods we eat, pollution from our environment and metabolic stressors.

This is a program that gives you a full report on your personal immune system support and wellbeing.

This report measures over 800 factors through a simple hair follicle test and lets you specifically know which nutrients you are deficient in and which foods to eat or avoid, to increase your nutrient levels to support your wellbeing and crucially, your immune system! An effective immune system every day, will keep you healthy in every way.

It takes you through your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fats and proteins but most importantly it tells you if your body is overloaded with Environmental Stressors. These could be heavy metals, radiation, chemicals or electro sensitivities (microwaves, WiFi, TV etc.) It also lets us know in general if there are any pathogens such as mould, spores, fungus, virus or parasites that might be lingering and causing imbalances and harm to your wellbeing and immunity.

The immunity wellbeing program also reports which systems in the body need the extra support to function better than they are currently. It’s like the warning lights on your car’s dashboard to notify you where your car needs some extra TLC. By being notified you can take action and head towards prevention instead of waiting until your car has broken down.

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