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Quantum Physics and Health

Your Health, Your Life

You are primarily the master of your own destiny. Understanding this is an essential aspect of your health journey and a key to a holistic lifestyle.

Your mental and emotional nature operates as a field which influences your physical particles and cells, in numerous subtle ways. Dr Masaru Emoto shows positive aspirations or thoughts affect the bio resonant quality or biofield of water. This can have immediate inexpensive health benefits as water is responsible for both providing nutrients and removing toxins from our cells. This immediately increases our metabolic capacity.

This is a basis of how Quantum Healing or Mind Body Medicine works. Dr Deepak Chopra has provided healthy guidelines for years which are becoming easier to understand as the research in this field expands.

Great sages have practically shown the benefits of mindful attitudes throughout the ages. Many have been renowned healers who helped people in an unassuming manner using miracles or methods we can now describe with contemporary science.

That the field influences the particle is well understood in physics. Light seems to have integrative dual properties, behaving simultaneously as both a wave and a particle.

The sciences of Epigenetics is well explained by Dr Bruce Lipton and Morphogenetics by Dr Rupert Sheldrake. They have been very important in determining new opportunities for cost effective long term Wellness solutions.

Personally you can both increase your intentional positive or placebo type influences and reduce the nocebo type effects of stress or worry.

Independent scientific research shows people regularly heal with a placebo even when they are aware they are taking a placebo. At Global Health Clinics we actively encourage and teach our clients to use their minds creatively towards optimal health outcomes.

Placebo affect has had an effective health outcome at virtually no cost for more than 30% of people tested, whilst nocebo has caused many people to feel much more sick or even die – pointing the bone whether in ancient times or in modern developed society.

Helping to increase the placebo influences in your life whilst reducing the nocebo effect reduces your health costs, leaving available funds for improving your general quality of life, leisure and further education benefits.

The team at Global Health Clinics works together holistically to coach and facilitate these qualities of health outcomes using these combinations of modern evidential science and proven ancient healing systems.