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How elite athletes use epigenetics for peak performance


Epigenetics, peak health and peak performance

Your environment controls up to 98% of the way in which many of your genes express themselves. This means the way your physical body, personal chemistry reacts and responds to the environment and lifestyle choices you regularly introduce and immerse yourself in.

Currently you and almost everyone else on the planet are operating on a less than optimal and far from a peak performance state. This is all due to the environmental and lifestyle conditions you subject your body to on a daily or regular basis.

This includes processed nutritionals, low bio-available nutrients, toxins, chemicals, not to mention electromagnetic and low frequency waves that are influential and responsible in breaking down the body’s ability to optimally repair and function in a peak performance state.

These functions are driven by two very specific processes which are systemic to the way your physical body responds and expresses its capacity to perform. First, the quality of the cells your body creates to repair itself. Second, the enzymatic process which is the catalyst for all body processes, especially in repair, recovery and ultimately peak performance.

As your environment controls gene expression and develops an epigenetic blueprint for your personal gene expression this becomes the most crucial driver in producing an optimized cellular response, which in turn will produce optimal tissue repair that will lead to better performance. Your overall body’s system will begin to function at an optimally healthy level which in turn will provide you with the peak performance results you seek.

How sub-optimal health affects performance goals

To optimize your peak performance, you need to ensure that these processes are operating at optimal levels. If you are not operating at optimal efficiency, you will feel the effects of degraded function. 

These effects will be reflected in overall loss in energy output, strength levels, reduction in peak focus and concentration, more aches and pains and slower recovery. This will lead to more susceptibility to injury. On the sports and fitness wellness side, you will experience poor sleep capacity, weakened immune function that will lead to more common colds, general increase in irritability levels and an overall lower feeling of wellness. If this is left in a sub-optimal state for too long, it will reduce your capacity to operate at peak performance levels and can lead to chronic health issues over time. 

Training for fitness and sport takes a substantial amount of resources due to the high levels of inflammation that the body is driven through during peak performance; therefore, you more than the non-sport participant needs to manage and maintain these optimal levels at all times.

The solution: Cell Wellbeing and the 90-day Optimize Training Elite Program

Now, personal epigenetic indicators can be mapped for you in less than 20 minutes with only eight strands of hair, using the Cell Wellbeing Digital S-Drive system at Global Health Clinics in Takapuna, Auckland. 

The resulting 30-page report outlines a  90-day Optimize Training Elite Program, designed to enhance your personal and physical performance through environmental alignment; ultimately, optimizing your physical, mental and emotional capabilities as it pertains to your sports and fitness lifestyle.

Endurance indicators

All athletes require optimal circulation to reach peak performance.

You can support your circulation with good nutrition and some simple exercise and lifestyle choices outlined below.

Optimal Circulation can be supported by specific nutrients, as an athletic individual it is important to receive your nutritional balance on a daily basis. The chart below indicates which nutrients can be important to help optimize circulation. The more of these that appear in the table below the higher level of support the circulation system may require, with your final support level indicated in the column on the right. Remembering this is not a diagnosis of the function of your circulatory systems.

Muscle support indicators

Building muscle significantly increases metabolism, making it easier to achieve superior performance. Although nutrition alone can not lead to significant muscle growth (it will have to be linked to a balanced exercise program for important muscle gains) a healthy diet can help maintain or increase muscle mass. Consuming foods rich in specific nutrients is key to supporting muscle growth and maintaining healthy muscle function.

The correct maintenance of muscle mass can be improved with the contribution of some nutrients that are very important to achieve a daily balance. In the following table, it is indicated that nutrients may be important to help optimize the muscles and tendons. How many more of these appear in the lower box, the muscular system will require more attention. Keep in mind that this is not a diagnosis of how your muscular system is, but it will help prevent muscle and tendon problems derived from a shortage of essential nutrients.

The 9 other indicators

Nine other epigenetic indicators are identified by the Cell Wellbeing hair analysis, including:

  • The 23 major groups of antioxidants
  • Environmental challenges
  • Diet, including food additives
  • The 15 most common vitamins
  • The 16 everyday minerals
  • The 23 amino acids
  • The essential fatty acids – omegas 3, 6 and 9
  • Electromagnetic frequency intereference with your body
  • Resistance indicators – foods that help your resistance 

When you receive your 90-day Optimize Training Elite Nutritional Report, these indicators will be discussed in detail.

“I find the Cell Wellbeing hair analysis is really important for me because it comes up with my general health, and what are my work-on areas that I need to improve my health.. it means I can perform at a higher level in triathlon.”


Terenzo Bozzone

5-Times World Champion Triathlete

I’m interested! What should I do?

Discover the answers in just 20 minutes using our non-invasive German technology and receive your own personalized Optimize Training Elite Report. It’s time to unlock your epigenetic potential and achieve peak athletic performance!

The 90-day Optimize Training Elite Report awakens you to your epigenetic potential and can be an invaluable tool in assisting with your dietary and nutritional choices; as well as influencing your lifestyle considerations and environmental decisions.

Talk to a wellness professional at Global Health Clinics, who can advise you on the food and nutritional intake for you to get the most out of your chosen sport or activity.

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