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How to achieve longevity, optimal health and wellbeing, vitality in harmony with a successful life.

Step 1            

To make an appointment simply contact Global Health Clinics and we will send you a questionnaire to fill out at home and bring with you. This is an important preparation that saves you time and money.

Step 2           

At your first appointment your questionnaire will be briefly evaluated, and we will provide you with a personal epigenetics wellbeing and immunity assessment. This will help to identify past dysfunctions, the current condition of your immunity, hormones, organs, epigenetic systems, emotions, and musculoskeletal structure. We will do a brief evaluation of your blood oxygen levels and issues like sleep and personal life.

Step 3            

Global Health Clinics will assess the results of the epigenetics assessment and prepare your individual wellbeing programme for the next 90 days.

Step 4            

At your first follow up, your programme will be discussed and will include diet, nutritional products and optimal therapy or coaching recommendations according to your assessed needs. The initial aim is to improve your health and overall lifestyle balance. This may include oxygen or ozone therapy. Oxygen is the most important element in your body and these treatments help with nearly all aspects of wellbeing and the benefits far out way the costs of virtually any other therapy.

Step 5            

At your second follow up (approx. 2 weeks later) your personal feedback chart will be evaluated and assessed for fine tuning and possible further recommendations.

Step 6            

After 3 months we will do another epigenetics scan to monitor the progress you have made.

Enjoy every moment of your life, exercise regularly, breathe well, practice mindful living and laugh a lot.

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