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How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion brought about by chronic stress. Most often it is caused by problems at work, but can also appear in other areas of life e.g., parenting, caregiving, relationships. It is particularly noticeable that life in the world right now has caused huge stress and burnout in many people.

With end of year events at schools, and functions to plan and/or cater including all the extra shopping, cooking, and cleaning in the build up to Christmas, not to mention packing to go away for holidays, and what to do with the kids during extended summer holidays, means this time of the year in NZ is always really stressful for most of us.

In addition, we have been through almost two years of lock down and many are experiencing lockdown exhaustion combined with moral fatigue. Most of us are likely to be experiencing a degree of burnout and probably know someone who feels coerced and bullied into making decisions they would have preferred not to, if not ourselves

Burnout indicators:

  • Overwhelming exhaustion and fatigue. Waking up feeling tired. Energy crashes in the afternoon. Not sleeping well. Overwhelmed by responsibility.
  • Feeling detached and lifeless. Being cynical and reactive. Life doesn’t seem to have any meaning. It is difficult to feel motivated and excited about the future.
  • Feeling incompetent. A sense of being ineffectual and a lack of accomplishment.

The uncertainty principle discovered by Heisenberg basically says nothing is certain. Life right now is very uncertain and wearying as we grapple with the changes our government is introducing to control the spread of what they believe to a dangerous virus. With rules changing so rapidly, and almost every week, about what we can or cannot do, with families not able to visit each other or care for loved ones in hospital, or mourn for those who have passed, it has become impossible to plan effectively for the future.

Our children’s anxiety is at an all-time high, stress levels and burnout rates are escalating e.g., burnout rates were 11% in May 2020 but is 35% in November 2021, stress levels of Baby boomers (those 65 and over) is 40%, and for the others stress levels are over 55%. People are not coping.

What can we do? Prevention is the best cure for burnout; learning how to manage your stress and keep anxiety and depression at bay.

I’ve been there. In my thirties I burned out working long hours in a corporate job and thinking I was super woman and invincible. To get well again I had to learn how to manage my stress and develop resilience and peace. Forty years ago not much was known about stress and burnout, so in learning to heal myself, my life’s work and profession took a complete turn.

I can help you change and restore that life balance. I am a master trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a trainer of multiple brain integration (mBIT). I specialise in coaching people to align with all aspects of themselves; values, beliefs, compulsions and identities and have forty years’ experience at both corporate and clinical levels.

When aligned and focused you progress and move forward with ease and grace to success. You are able to ground yourself in the present and find meaning in life again. When connected to yourself, you process your emotions with some grace and begin to listen to your intuition i.e., your gut feeling. This allows you to remain peaceful and calm, stand in your power, and make good decisions.

GHC is solution focused. We can create a wellness plan to deal with burnout at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To navigate back to a path of wellbeing and happiness, it is well known supportive guidance is required at these times.

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