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Hyperbaric oxygen for improved health and wellbeing


Hyperbaric Oxygen ​is a method of delivering oxygen to the body under pressure, so that it infuses the blood, the brain, and even the bones. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) (Pressurized Oxygen Respirator) makes the therapy available to everyone at a reasonable price, and can be used by anyone by attending an appropriate clinic, or within their own homes or businesses – something which is not a practical option for the 100% oxygen, medical grade systems.

MHBOT is non-invasive, has very few contraindications, is widely promoted and utilised as a preventative, recuperative, and restorative therapy for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. It is also used by athletes to enhance performance and speed healing time. Quite simply, it is good for you whether you are sick or well.

How does hyperbaric oxygen work?

MHBOT works like a can of fizzy drink, in which gas is dissolved into liquid under pressure. Similarly, the pressurisation of the mHBOT (Pressurized Oxygen Respirator) allows more oxygen to dissolve into the blood than normal. This can reverse a common condition called hypoxia (low blood oxygen), which is a major factor in the development of stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s, dementia and cancer.

Oxygen has natural healing properties, and oxygen concentrations under pressure can promote faster healing from disease and injury. MHBOT is clinically used for treating a variety of illnesses as well as for its preventative health benefits.

What can hyperbaric oxygen help?

There has been considerable research done on the therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen, and it is widely used in hospitals, clinics and now, in spas.

Head injuries

By pushing more oxygen into the brain, mHBOT can help improve its recovery from injury, and has been used after concussion, Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes and other head conditions. Increased brain oxygen improves memory and concentration.

Wound healing

Increased availability to the body of oxygen has been shown to improve wound healing, and reduces inflammation and swelling. It also boosts the production of stem cells and vascular endothelial growth factors, which are essential for repair and regeneration of tissues. It supports increased production of collagen, and scar tissue rehabilitation.

Improving blood circulation

Hyperbaric oxygen stimulates growth of new blood vessels to locations with reduced circulation, including areas of arterial blockage. It is helpful in recovery from heart attacks, and improves blood circulation leading to better, more radiant skin.

Boosting immunity

Hyperbaric oxygen helps boost immunity by stimulating more production of white blood cells and natural killer T-cells. It destroys anaerobic bacteria, and aids removal of toxic bio-waste.

Supports athletic performance

Hyperbaric oxygen is very helpful for athletes who are looking for that extra edge in competitive sports. It helps them recover faster from injuries and muscle tears, helps detox lactic acid, improves blood circulation and oxygenation during activity leading to higher energy, and improves range of motion, and improves stamina and endurance while reducing fatigue.


How much hyperbaric oxygen do I need?

With mHBOT, it takes about 4 hours to achieve full tissue perfusion. For most health purposes, 60 minutes is good for soft tissues and the brain, and 90 minutes for perfusing the bones. Case studies have shown the ability to interrupt migraines with low pressure chambers in around 20 minutes. A relaxation response can generally be seen within the first ten minutes of treatment.

It has become common, world-wide, to establish a clinic based protocol that has you attend 5 days a week, at the same time of day, for 90 minutes a session and probably for a block of 40 treatments. 

However, if you blindly take a “break” after forty treatments it can be counterproductive in many ways. Any time you take a break before being completely healed, there will be some degree of regression in any vascular tissue suffering from hypoxia. The reason for this is due to the loss of oxygen to cells that are dividing into the hypoxic zone.

Until the tissue has undergone complete reperfusion, these cells have no permanent supply of oxygen to support their normal ability to perform cellular division and tissue repair. If you take away the artificial source of oxygen (the hyperbaric environment) before the body has fully repaired the vascular system to these cells, dysfunction will once again slowly return.

If we take money out of the equation, we should continue therapy until we are absolutely sure we have achieved any and all benefits towards recovery before discontinuing treatment, especially if no indications of negative side-effects present themselves.

Hyperbaric chamber at Global Health Clinics

Is there a hyperbaric oxygen chamber near me (Pressurized Oxygen Respirator) ?

If you live in Auckland, New Zealand, you’re in luck! Here at Global Health Clinics, we offer mHBOT at very reasonable prices, with massive discounts for packages. Come and talk to us, we can advise a programme that suits your health status and your budget.

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