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Immunity – Build your Immune System

This is a time to keep your immune system in optimal condition with a sensible lifestyle and smart holistic wellbeing programs.

It’s advisable you get a smart wellbeing assessment which picks up resistance to viruses and post viruses along with other pathogens and interference factors to ensure your immune system is functioning well.

Also to have a smart plan so you know what to do to keep well for the next few months when there is so much media coverage about health challenges.

Our immune system is a mathematically precise biological system, which is perfectly designed to protect us from disease, provided we manage our levels of stress and keep our blood oxygen levels high.
The immune system which is a multi-faceted system has helped humanity for thousands of years survive dangerous pathogens and a wide range of pandemic crises as it will this time.
It’s estimated 90% of disease is stress related, whilst the prime cause of all disease is when oxygen and cellular energy levels drop and cells start feeding on fermenting sugar according to double Nobel Laureate Dr Otto Warburg.

Stress causes us to go into the flight, fight and freeze phenomenon which releases cortisol into the system, and our immune system starts to shut down to allow the body more immediate energy to cope with acute danger like an accident or a physical threat.

Fear and anxiety are a form of stress so learning to manage these is vital for well-being.

Stress reduces the Oxygen transfer capacity of our body, because our muscles contract, which compromises our blood and lymphatic systems, as well as our digestion.

Dr Otto Warburg was nominated 43 times for the Nobel prize involving decades of practical research in Germany so at Global Health we have followed his research in our Oxygen and Ozone therapy systems. Ozone is electrified oxygen which converts back to available oxygen and releases energy once it enters the body.

Ozone is also estimated to be thousands of times more effective at killing pathogens (cells like viruses which harm our biology, cells that feed on fermenting sugar) than chlorine, which is in most pesticides and cleaning agents and it is safe to use as long as you do not breathe it directly into your lungs.
At Global Health our Hocatt Ozone system uses heat which kills most viruses and pathogens (unhealthy cells) because they die at lower temperatures than healthy cells. This is why a fever kills off pathogens provided we manage the fever.
Global Health specialises in oxygen therapy to help with stress and fatigue and our job has always been to help you scientifically build strength into your immune system through a range of practical tests, products and services.

We have especially promoted the Cellwellbeing S Drive assessment service a still new technology designed to give you a 90 day wellness plan. The EU have commissioned this system ahead of all others and especially in this recent Corona virus outbreak to help in the struggle with this pandemic.
Hocatt Ozone is a profoundly effective, multi-faceted system which uses 6 treatment methods in one session all of which are effective immunity and well-being boosters.
The media has blanket reported this new corona virus with some facts about what it is and how it spreads, with some advice on basic sensible precautions, like sunlight, washing hands with soap, keeping warm, eating well, exercising and self isolating if unwell so we further endorse these issues.
In summary I am confident we have the methods for immunity and well-being to deal the threats most people may face from viruses or winter ills.

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