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Motivation Power: What’s Your Intention?

In the last blog, we looked at ‘Valuing the 3 C’s – Change, Commitment and Consistency.

Now, there’s another ‘C’ that connects all these values and has a huge influence on how things turn out for us. It’s the ‘C’ of Communication.

While the word ‘communication’ is thrown around quite liberally in our everyday life and at the workplace, and its importance is consistently emphasised, do we really understand the basics of this word?

We all know that communication is more than just exchange of words or chunks of information and that its success depends hugely on the method of delivery. However, we also need to understand another basic – the intention behind our communication.

The intention with which we begin a conversation, a presentation, a discussion or a speech drives and affects the method of its delivery. It defines the ‘Why’ of our communication, the purpose of what we want to communicate.

The three key components of communication that we keep hearing about- body language (visual), Tone of voice (auditory) and Words – are crucial in the ‘delivery’ part of communication.

But, our communication process starts well before our delivery. It starts in our own mind. How we begin this process in our mind determines how we deliver it, and eventually the outcome.

Since communication is an integral part of our life (almost up there with oxygen or maybe food!) and now that we understand the vital role our mindset plays in identifying our intention behind our communication, we know what to do to be a successful communicator in most situations including when we need to be spontaneous.

It’s to sculpt our mind towards a state of perpetual preparedness to deal with any small or big communication challenge and to make it a partner in our communication strategy with ourselves and others. This approach is bound to lead to effective and desired outcomes in our communication efforts.

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