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Spring is coming up and as the weather is changing slightly, the food produce changes with it. In other words, spring will give us many fresh vegetables to profit from. Eating ‘in season’ has many benefits apart from the freshness and the better tastes of the products. In particular, it’s much better for the environment since overseas contaminates can be avoided and local farming will be encouraged. Lastly, season foods support our natural nutritional needs. For instance, winter vegetables often provide us with vitamin C, which protects us against flu’s, colds and other infections. Whereas, foods available in summer mostly provide us with nutrients that help protect against sun exposure, such as carotenoids.

Our top 3 spring vegetables packed with loads of nutrients are courgettes, beetroot and broccoli…

Courgettes are one of the vegetables especially high in potassium. Potassium is known for its great role in the reduction of a lower blood pressure and protection against loss of muscle mass. Not only does it reduce the risk of getting a stroke, but this veggie also reduces the formation of kidney stones. Like most vegetables, courgette is low in calories and high in dietary fibre. Hence, it is a great choice for the once among us who are trying to lose weight or are trying to improve their digestion.

Beetroot is often seen as a superfood and this is for a good reason. Namely, this shiny red vegetable is a great source of folic acid, fibre, manganese and potassium. The fibres in beetroot have shown to increase the level of antioxidant enzymes and white blood cells in the body. Furthermore, it is a great source of glutamine which is essential in the maintenance of a healthy intestinal tract.

Broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is even known for its cancer-preventing properties. This vegetable contains an impressive amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, B2, C, K1 and minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. Like courgette and beetroot, broccoli contains a high amount of fibre. Since it contains so many different nutrients, broccoli is beneficial for many parts of the human body. All in all, eating broccoli is useful in maintaining a healthy intestinal tract, cardiovascular system and immune system.