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Cage Pendant | Large


If you are worried about harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF), you may wonder about all the electronics in your car (and the large battery under the hood!) And if you are driving an electric car or a hybrid…..a Shungite Car Shield may give you some piece of mind.
Thanks to the high amount of carbon in shungite, it is able to act as a natural filter to mitigate harmful effects of EMF especially in such a closed space of a car.
A small tumbled Shungite can easily be placed in the drink holder of your car or we suggest hanging a Shungite pendant from your rear-view mirror!
Our tumbled Shungite stones sit beautifully in a spiral cage. Approximately 1″. We will include a 12″ cotton cord, at no charge, in case you want to hang the pendant.
Note: photo is for illustration only. Each Shungite stone is unique!
Although Shungite was discovered in Russia in the 1700’s, it is relatively “new on the scene” for many.  It is a natural intermediate mineral form between carbon and graphite. Shungite carbon is a fossil organic material found at the sea bottom of the Precambrian deposits and consists of high level of carbon. Regular Shungite contains about 30% carbon, 57% silicates (like quartz, feldspar, mica) and 13% of other minerals (like iron, aluminum and manganese oxides).
Because Shungite has high carbon content, it has been found to be an exceptional filter.  It has been used as a shield from the electro-magnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions.  As with most black stones, Shungite is a powerful protector and balances our physical and mental being.
We also have many spiral wrapped pendants (such as Quartz) that are easily hung from your rear-view mirror for peace and healing.


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