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Countertop Alkaline Water Purifier-Alka Flow


The Alka Flow transforms your water into purified and safe (no more Bacteria, viruses, ecoli) drinking water with a soft and light taste and the water feels alive and good like a mountain spring.

The Alka Flow does all this and more … it has a fast flow and good capacity to process water (10 litres in about 5 minutes .. and it’s filtration capacities are awesome.

Filters: It has 3 filters and offers superior purification for City water (chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, agri-chemicals, micro-plastics, some fluoride).

The ULTRA filter offers superior filtration for rain/tank/bore/creek water. It removes bacteria, cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, ecoli making rural water supplies totally safe to drink (provided the source water is clear water – not dirty)

Alkaline Water: The Alka Flow alkalises the water and lifts the pH to approx 9.5-10 depending on the incoming water pH. With rainwater it remedies the ph issue (the water being acidic at pH5.9 in a plastic tank). The Alka Flow lifts the pH from 5.9 to approx pH 9

ORP: it offers a great anti-oxidant potential with -200 to -300mV

Limescale and water softener: The Alka Flow removes some limescale and softens the water resulting in a lovely smooth taste

Sediment pre-filter: The Alka Flow takes care of small particals and sediments

Fantastic flow rate: The Alka Flow can make Wellness/Energy water of up to 2.5litres/minute ..



The ALKA FLOW has 4 cartridges – 3x Filters & 1x alkalising cartridge: the Filter life periods shown below are calculated for 3-4 residents

Each filter life is also dependent on the local water quality:

PP filter: 6 months

Anti-scale and carbon filter: 6 months

Alkaline cartridge: 6-12 months

Ultra filter: 6-12 months


Height 370mm

Base diameter: 200/220mm  (oval shape)

Top diameter: 180/200mm (   ”   )

Weight approx 3.5 kg

The Alka Flow is connected to the kitchen mixer tap through the outlet on the back of the unit, with 1/4″ tubing (supplied) and the tap-diverter valve (supplied). The tap diverter valve (image on left) is connected to the end of the spout of the Mixer sinktap. The aerator nozzle of the spout gets unscrewed and the insert-ring (supplied) together with the silicon or rubber seal gets inserted. Then the tap diverter valve gets screwed onto the insert-ring. Ready to run water …

All necessary parts, manual and instructions are supplied.


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