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Human Essences | BD Max | Immunity Pack


Immunity Pack by BD Max Essences

1 Echinacea Gold 30ml

1 Rythmics 30ml

1 Estherics 30ml

1 ALL IS ONES 30ml

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ETHERICS  is for things that are generally sick and exhausted . ETHERICS  specifically strengthens the Etheric body’s functioning. ETHERICS  are a great base for the later inclusion of specific Bach Flower Remedies.

Echinacea Gold

Echinacea Gold is made from Echinacea Purpurea and Golden Seal, we have grown biodynamically here in New Zealand. Tinctures of these plants have been combined with Astral Cooler and Etherics 3 to provide a dynamic mixture to help build the immune system,  while providing anti bacterial and anti viral properties.


Rhythmics are aimed at the harmonious working of that region Dr Steiner identified as the ‘Rhythmic’ system centred in the middle of the physical body.


ALL IS ONES are a general essence to balance just about any extreme state you are in: tiredness, hunger, psychological upsets or over excitement. ALL IS ONES can bring you back to a state of centred calm.



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