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With the QRS® 101 Home System-set the user receives a modern control console including two resonance field beam applicators. Developed specifically for QRS ® therapy, the Quantum Resonance System uses a special medical device based on a special magnetic therapy signal.


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Weight: 4 Kg

Dimension: 12x 13x 14


Improved Circulation

When a magnetic field passes through red blood cells, they separate out from each other, thereby increasing circulation. In addition, PEMF’s increase various chemicals in the blood vessel walls that cause them to dilate, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues.

Improved circulation helps tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need, while expelling the waste they produce. There is also reduction of swelling and the healing of bruising.

Enhanced muscle function

PEMF improves energy and  allows muscles to work longer and harder, and recover more quickly from their work. Muscles that are contracted or in spasm are better able to relax, decreasing tension and reducing the pain caused by spasm.

Reduced inflammation

Killer T (KT) cells are very useful in normally inflammation as they regulate the process. However, in chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or tendinitis, KT cells support the persistence of the disease. Research shows that PEMF’s can induce the appropriate death of aged, chronic KT cells, by actions on their membrane and key enzymes in the cells.

Stress reduction

PEMF’s have many proven stress-reducing effects. Daily use of PEMF’s help alleviate the negative effects that stresses have on our body and mind.

Bone healing

PEMF’s have been found to assist in repairing bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia.


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