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Shungite Sunflower Pendant | Small Oval


Wear an Shungite Pendant over the heart for maximum protection against EMF radiation, and to balance the energy in your body.

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Electromagnetic and geopathic radiation lies in wait for the modern person everywhere – at home, at work, even on the street. Electromagnetic radiation is invisible, but it systematically detrimental to our health and health. How to protect yourself from its destructive effects? An excellent way out of this situation will be shungite pendants – unique ornaments with protective properties that will successfully complement any of your image.

Features of the mineral Shungite is rightly considered a unique mountain mineral, its healing properties are admired, it is carefully researched by scientists for new discoveries.

Shungite pendants are ideal for daily use, they are combined with dresses, work suits, and clothing in the style of kizhual. Both a young girl and a mature woman will be able to choose the most harmonious model of the pendant. Electromagnetic waves surround us everywhere – they come from household appliances, working computer equipment, from mobile communications. But jewelry made of shungite is very useful for a person, protecting it from such negative external influences. From such a pendant it breathes warmth and peace, he wants to not take off from himself round the clock. Due to the presence of a large number of fullerenes in the mineral, the suspension harmonizes your condition, relaxes the body, eliminates unnecessary stress and stress.

The principle of the action of the shungite suspension

Located close to the heart, the pendant is active throughout the day and night. Stone helps:
• activate self-regulation of the body;
• Align the energy background;
• normalize the thyroid gland;
• get rid of vegetative vascular dystonia – the scourge of modern society;
• increase vitality;
• Stabilize the work of the nervous system.

Such shungite suspensions are useful for both men and women – they are equally exposed to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Wearing an ornament, a tangible effect you will feel after the first days – your psycho-emotional condition will improve significantly, sharp mood swings, anxiety and constant nervousness will disappear.


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