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Resilience: The key to Success

It is the start of a new year and many people I have spoken to recently are stressed and depressed.

A key to change this is to develop resilience. Resilience is when we can tap into realistic optimism even with challenges in life. It is all about how we bounce back after a fall.

One of the first things is to identify how you experience stress. Your body will give you signals: headaches, tight muscles, irritability, restless, unsatisfied and withdrawn. These signals alert us to the fact we need to do something different so we don’t fall deeper into negativity.

In times of stress and depression we most need connection. First with ourselves; to be grounded and fully present in our body. To be aware of what is happening around you in the present moment.

Stop living in the past. This is when we are focused on something that went wrong and are still angry, sad, disappointed and resentful.

And stop living in the future which is being worried and anxious. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. Live in the present.

So connection with self and the ability to have a positive attitude and be grateful for the good we have in our lives is essential for health and happiness.

Then connection with others; partner, family, friends.

We need to develop and maintain relationships.

Being with others will give you other activities and a different perspective to view life from. This makes it easier for us to change and adapt and problem solve. It is also a forum for us to talk about what is happening and see it from other perspectives.

Connection with self and others is an essential way to develop resilience.

We offer coaching for resilience and stress management across a wide spectrum of wellbeing from experienced professionals.

To be truly and optimally well, we live a balanced life with a healthy mind, body, emotional and spiritual alignment. Happiness = Health

Global Health was developed to help with this and offers the type of programs to help you succeed.

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