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Self – care: How to protect yourself.

In these times with the uncertainty of coronavirus there is plenty of information about how to protect yourself. However, it is mostly great tips for looking after the physical body e.g. washing your hands. There is not much acknowledgement that we are a holistic human being with a physical body, an emotional body, a mind and a soul and spirit. We are a multidimensional being and need to take care of ourselves as a whole system.

Health is wealth.

It is well researched now that if we think negative thoughts, this translates to negative feelings and decreases your immune system. A low immune system leaves you vulnerable to catching viruses or bacteria.

Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and a high immune system. A high immune system means you are less likely to allow in negative pathogens.

What do we need to do to increase our immune system?

  1. Reduce stress. Learning to manage your stress will keep your autonomic nervous system in balance and control your fight/flight/freeze response.
  2. Managing your state of mind: learn how to overcome fear and panic and manage yourself to remain in peace and calm. This will alter your internal chemicals and increase your ‘happy chemicals’ serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.
  3. Integrity: we need internal integrity. Alignment with our head, heart and gut so we eliminate internal conflicts. One example of an internal conflict is – the heart is feeling at peace and the head is worrying about what might happen. We need head, heart and gut to be in alignment. The gut runs 70% of the immune systems which keeps us healthy. It is also responsible for our boundaries – knowing who we are – a healthy, happy being.

Vivienne Berry is a multiple brain integration practitioner who will teach you how to manage the ‘whole’ you and give you tools to stay calm and healthy. Please give her a call at Global health and make an appointment.

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