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Ozone Therapy: Unveiling Its Efficacy and Scientifically Proven Benefits

Ozone therapy involves the administration of ozone gas (O3) into the body or through absorption via the skin to treat a variety of medical conditions. Ozone is believed to exert its effects through mechanisms such as oxidative stress modulation, immune system enhancement, and antimicrobial activity. This multifaceted approach to treatment makes ozone therapy an intriguing […]

Frequently asked questions about ozone and HOCATT™ ozone therapy

Woman inside Hocatt (closeup 1)

What is ozone? Ozone is enhanced oxygen, comprising three or more oxygen atoms to form a reactive molecule which is highly effective as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant, commonly used to treat swimming pools, spas and drinking water. The HOCATT™ is an advanced ozone spa in a capsule, which combines ozone with steam, infrared sauna, […]

Ozone therapy benefits for women’s health


What would you say if someone told you that you could not only lose weight, but you could look better and feel better, simply by sitting and relaxing for just 30 minutes a day? This is possible with ozone therapy spas. At Global Health Clinics, we offer such a spa, called the HOCATT™. The main […]

Ozone Generators for the Home

home ozonators

John Coombs, Wellbeing Specialist and CEO of Global Health Clinics, explains the many uses of the home ozone generator. Ozone is a form of oxygen that is strongly antibacterial, and can be used to purify water, vegetables, meat, and the surrounding air. Ozone Generators can be purchased at Global Health Clinics. Call us on +64(0)9 […]