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Testimonial of a 20 years old girl testing her Heart Coherence




Heart Coherence with Hans Vermeulen

“When all of our intentions and actions in daily life originate from the intuitive wisdom of our hearts, when we feel and act with sincere appreciation, caring and kindness for others – all qualities of the heart – and when we can observe the world around us without the preset judgments of the mind, but rather with the compassion in our hearts, then we will truly be living life from the hear” Doc Childre

For my first holistic experience at Global Health Clinic, I was with Hans Vermeulen. He is a specialist in CranioSacral therapy, massage and relaxation. We started by measuring my coherence through my heart beat with a little machine as big as an MP3 which was connected by a clip on my ear. The result was:



So what does it mean?

This machine measured my coherence. Personal coherence, also known as psychophysiological coherence, refers to the synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent, we are. Stress levels recede, energy levels increase. The so called “heart brain” are working together. It is a state of optimal clarity, perception and performance. So the machine has determined my coherence level through the pulses of my heart.
The colour red is related to a low level of coherence
Blue is related to a medium- suitable level of coherence
Green is related to a high/optimal level of coherence.

The more coherent you are, the easier it becomes to manage stress.
Stress in itself doesn’t make people sick or cause problems. It’s the way you deal with, or better; not deal with it!

My heart beat looks like this:

Heart beat



It was my first day at Global Health Clinic and I was quite stressed and also I’m an anxious person so the machine has picked this up. Heart rates are affected by stressful emotions such as tension, anxiety, irritation, or anger. Your heart rhythm pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, which negatively affects health, brain function, performance and your sense of well-being.
If one was to experience positive emotions such as appreciation, care, joy or love, your heart rhythm pattern becomes more ordered and coherent, like this;



So the goal is to have a smooth and orderly heartbeat because it is linked to my positive emotions, and it sends beneficial signals to the brain.
Positive thoughts and managed emotions can drastically reduce the impact of stress.

How Global Health Clinic will help me?

Hans Vermeulen is a specialist in CranioSacral therapy, massage and relaxation.
He helps people to balance their physical, mental, psychological, emotional life by maximizing their health to an optimum.



Testimonial by Rozarka