The Two Forms of Stress

There are two forms of stress: Good and bad

Good stress occurs when you step outside of your comfort zone. It helps you grow, creates positive change, increases your level of wellbeing and moves you towards your potential, whereas bad stress has a negative impact not only mentally, but emotionally and physically too.

Bad Stress – The Perception or Experience of Danger

The part of the brain called the reptilian brain is constantly scanning the environment for danger.  Its number one job is to keep us alive and safe, and to automatically respond via the fight/flight reflex whenever we feel threatened.

Whenever you perceive any form of danger or threat, the fight/flight reflex automatically stimulates adrenalin and cortisol to be released into your bloodstream. Its job is to prepare your body for either fleeing (fear) or fighting (anger). Physiologically, blood is pumped to your muscles to provide more energy and is drawn away from the rest of your body; your senses become sharper; and your heart rate and breathing increase.

Addiction to Stress

Bad stress is rife in our society, even though there is very little ‘life-threatening’ danger to warrant the level of stress that a lot of people experience.

Although there are a lot of stress management techniques, the experience of fight or flight is largely ignored unless what is being faced is an extreme situation such as the Christchurch earthquakes or threat of physical attack.

So, many people are suffering as a consequence as the adrenalin during stress needs to be used for the body to come back to proper homeostasis (balance).   In fact, in my experience, stress can stay in the body for years.


A Revolutionary Solution

There are two very simple solutions which rapidly bring down the fight/flight response.

These revolutionary active visualisations can be applied during or after feeling stressed, even to situations that were experienced years ago and are still affecting your wellbeing.

Past Stress Resolved

One of my female clients had been living with the effects of an unresolved physical assault for 34 years. At the time, she couldn’t flee from the attacker and years later the shock of the assault was still in her body.

The level of internal panic she felt when she thought of the incident was 8/10. After the end of her first session, I asked her to go back into the memory of the assault to see if there was more clearing to be done, but the memory had no negative impact on her.

Valee More specialises in eliminating stress quickly and effectively. She combines a variety of techniques and processes from more than 20 years psychosynthesis experience, as well as relationship coaching.

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