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Why I take my family to Global Health Clinics

health programmes for healthy families

How a natural health programme can improve family health

John Coombs, Global Health Clinics director, interviews Tania Nevill, a mother and highly-successful business woman.

Tania Nevill, and her family have suffered from a variety of health issues including allergies and leaky gut syndrome. She found it hard to get a link between medical professionals and alternative health practitioners, struggling with trusting different practitioners and wasting a lot of money.

She then found Global Health Clinics, and felt that it offered more cohesive treatment plans with a range of highly-experienced practitioners. Tania says health should be an investment – how can you meet your potential if you feel tired and unwell all the time?

Tania and her family received help in the form of various tests, for example to identify thyroid or adrenal weaknesses. She received extensive nutritional advice and supplement recommendations. She received help in stress management, learning how important the way you look at the world can be.

While she appreciated addressing the physical body, she also came to understand about beliefs and mental habits. How to cope when that chocolate bar is looking good at 3pm, or that glass of wine at 6pm? While she doesn’t believe in “cutting everything out,” Tania believes there needs to be an 80/20 rule of practising healthful habits.

Tania now works with Global Health Clinics in creating programmes that suit individuals – whether they need slow changes or fast changes. This involves monitoring your progress carefully, as we don’t often realise how things have changed.

“We don’t often realise how things have changed for us until someone points it out.”

Through her journey dealing with her children’s allergies, she realised she had became constantly anxious about what they were eating. She has now put in place a way of passing the responsibility to her children so she is less stressed and they benefit.

Tania talks about the stress caused by women’s and men’s roles in the community, and the extreme busyness of women today. She says that Global Health Clinics programmes will look at raising awareness so people can start self-managing their values and priorities. She gives important advice about how women can start balancing time between their children and themselves, as a way to greater harmony and wellbeing.

“There’s endless amounts of roles you can be doing; and it’s just a case of actually consciously recognising what you’re doing, what you’re putting your hand up for, and then being able to go, ‘Okay, this is all I can do, and I’ve got them in the right order.’ So it’s really very much about analysing what you are doing so you don’t overcommit, and then download the stress onto everyone else.”

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